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February 11, 2021 Published by

Feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten to experience a big budget, special effects heavy, massive space opera. South Korea’s newest release Space Sweepers is sprawling, ambitious,... View Article

Movie Review: Shadow In The Cloud

February 10, 2021 Published by

In this somewhat minimalistic pulpy “B-Movie”, Chole Grace Moritz portrays a female World War 2 pilot named Garrett that’s assigned to deliver a package last minute and has to board... View Article

Movie Review: BECKMAN

November 11, 2020 Published by

Beckman This is a movie that shows that you can be very religious, love church, and still love very violent action movies. David A.R. White stars as Beckman, a deadly... View Article

Movie Review: ENOLA HOLMES

October 1, 2020 Published by

It appears that Netflix is staying in the Millie Bobby Brown business because she’s now leading their new movie (and possible franchise) Enola Holmes.   This is the story of... View Article

Movie Review: MULAN 2020

September 11, 2020 Published by

Mulan 2020 Review    Disney is back with yet another one of their live action adaptations of a beloved animated classic. Next out of the factory is Mulan, adapted from... View Article

Movie Review: BLOODSHOT

March 13, 2020 Published by

In a world where comic book movies are bringing in the hugest box office dollars, Sony takes a chance on an independent title starring a recognized action star. Bloodshot is... View Article