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I Am Mother Banner

Streaming Pick – I Am Mother

June 19, 2019 Published by

Your weekly streaming pick is I Am Mother. This Netflix Original is a very well done, and very expensive looking, Science Fiction movie. Screenplay by Michael Lloyd Green. Starring Rose... View Article

Chasing Molly

Movie Review: Chasing Molly

June 11, 2019 Published by

I’ve had a great time being part of So Wizard Podcast over the years. One of the coolest aspects of working with the So Wizard crew is when creators give... View Article

Movie Review: BRIGHTBURN

May 29, 2019 Published by

Brightburn   A very familiar Superhero story, but with a small twist: “What if young Clark Kent discovered he had super powers, and thought he’d rather use them selfishly and... View Article

Movie Review: ALADDIN 2019

May 29, 2019 Published by

Aladdin Next up on the Disney Live Action Remake conveyor belt, we have Guy Ritchie‘s Aladdin. I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical when I heard the choice of Ritchie... View Article

Streaming Pick – Bodied

April 24, 2019 Published by

Going off the beaten path a bit for this week’s streaming pick. Bodied is your streaming pick of the week, its available on YouTube Premium. I know that’s one of... View Article