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Movie Review: UPGRADE

June 14, 2018 Published by

CAST: Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel, Melanie Vallejo DIRECTOR: Leigh Whannell Although it may be tough to tell right from the beginning, this movie does not star British heartthrob Tom Hardy.... View Article

Streaming Pick – Spielberg

June 8, 2018 Published by

Your weekly streaming pick is in! This time around I wanted to get something that would line up with the monumental Episode 200. 200 weeks in a row without missing... View Article

Streaming Pick – Tragedy Girls

May 23, 2018 Published by

Your streaming pick for the week is here! Tragedy Girls is a slasher/horror/comedy. These genres don’t often blend well. The story is about a couple girls, obsessed with serial killers... View Article

Hell House Banner

Streaming Pick – Hell House LLC

May 3, 2018 Published by

Your weekly streaming pick is here! Once again coming from Amazon Prime. Sorry, Netflix, I just don’t want another trash Adam Sandler movie. Hell House is a small movie in... View Article