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Sword of Destiny Banner

Netflix Pick – Sword of Destiny

February 15, 2018 Published by

Your weekly Netflix Pick is here! Sword of Destiny is the follow up to 2000’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was a Taiwanese, Chinese, and American joint... View Article

Altered Carbon

Netflix Pick – Altered Carbon

February 8, 2018 Published by

This week’s Netflix Pick is a new sci-fi series, Altered Carbon. The series introduces slick tech in a cool story line. The plot unravels episode by episode in a blend... View Article


Netflix Pick – Rage

January 24, 2018 Published by

The weekly Netflix pick is back to Netflix! While journeying down a Nicolas Cage rabbit hole I dove from one over the top performance to the next. Rage came up... View Article

Netflix Pick – Stranger Things 2

November 29, 2017 Published by

It’s no surprise that your next Netflix Pick is Stranger Things 2. The original cast is back with some incredibly new additions. Time has passed, the story grows larger, and... View Article

Netflix Pick – The Punisher

November 29, 2017 Published by

Due to various aspects in my personal life your Netflix Pick has been a bit scarce lately. In fear of the Wiz Kid’s queues being empty (as if that’s possible)... View Article