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Netflix Pick: Santa Clarita Diet

February 8, 2017 Published by

I’ve been pretty deep in Resident Evil 7 lately (check my write up) so I wanted something lighter for this week’s Netflix Pick. Oddly enough that led me to Santa... View Article

Game Review: Resident Evil 7

February 8, 2017 Published by

My first video game write up for So Wizard Podcast, and I can’t think of a better game to jump in on. Granted, Resident Evil 7 has been out for... View Article

I Am Your Father

Netflix Pick – I Am Your Father

January 5, 2017 Published by

The holidays are over and the obligation heavy get togethers went with them. Now it’s time to get back to non-stop movie and TV watching through your favorite streaming service!... View Article

Netflix Pick – The OA

December 21, 2016 Published by

Netflix’s newest mystery/drama hit with a bang. The OA (a title better left abbreviated) is incredibly well executed and brave show that tells an astonishing story without an agenda. First... View Article

Netflix Pick – Sour Grapes

December 15, 2016 Published by

Astonishingly I saw so many good things in a row I had a hard time picking (not finding) which to recommend for this week! I like to keep at least... View Article

Netflix Pick – Glitch

December 8, 2016 Published by

The weekly Netflix Pick is starting to feel like the weekly recap of Netflix Original Series. Sorry about that, but they are producing good content. While Glitch isn’t 100% a... View Article

Netflix Pick – Quiz Show

November 23, 2016 Published by

This weeks Netflix Pick is a movie from the 90s with some seriously great performances. Quiz Show is the real life story about game shows in America and their responsibility... View Article