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Netflix Pick – Mr Nobody

January 13, 2016 Published by

After going light last week with Circle’s simple design and easy run time, it’s time to turn things back up with Mr Nobody. Jared Leto (pre-Oscar but showing all of... View Article

Netflix Pick

Netflix Pick – Circle

January 6, 2016 Published by

It’s time for your weekly Netflix Pick! This time of year is great for the critic favorite movies to start hitting the big screen in areas aside from New York... View Article

Netflix Pick

Netflix Pick – The Wolfpack

December 30, 2015 Published by

Going in a bit of a different direction with this week’s Netflix Pick. This week I’m doing something you won’t catch me doing too often, I’m recommending a documentary! Most... View Article

Netflix Pick

Netflix Pick – Puncture

December 23, 2015 Published by

A little touch and go this week at So Wizard HQ. I had a really tough time nailing down a Netflix Pick I was confident in recommending to everyone. Luckily... View Article

Netflix Pick

Netflix Pick – The Best Offer

December 16, 2015 Published by

The Netflix Pick is turning out to be a great way to find some great movies that otherwise would keep gathering digital dust. This week’s pick is The Best Offer... View Article

Netflix Pick

Netflix Pick – Cruel And Unusual

December 9, 2015 Published by

This weeks Netflix Pick is Cruel and Unusual, a surprisingly tense thriller streaming on Netflix right now! Tired of hearing your friends say they’ve watched everything on Netflix? Are you... View Article