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Streaming Pick – Sex Education

February 6, 2019 Published by

Your weekly streaming pick is a quick watch show courtesy of Netflix. Sex Education is a quick witted comedy starring Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson. Don’t let the trailer stop... View Article

Streaming Pick – Electric Dreams

January 23, 2019 Published by

Your weekly Streaming Pick is an Amazon Prime Original. Electric Dreams is Prime’s answer to Black Mirror on Netflix. The Twilight Zone is one of my all time favorite shows.... View Article

Streaming Pick - Happy!

Streaming Pick – Happy!

January 16, 2019 Published by

Your weekly Netflix pick is a SyFy original. Don’t worry it’s streaming on Netflix. Also don’t worry, it doesn’t involve low budget hybrid animals. Happy! Is an excellent series based... View Article

The Kominsky Method - 2

Streaming Pick – The Kominsky Method

January 9, 2019 Published by

Your weekly streaming pick has arrived. Returning to original content from the premiere streaming giant, Netflix. The Kominsky Method is something of a dark comedy. The story follows two aging... View Article

Streaming Pick – Jack Ryan

September 6, 2018 Published by

Your weekly streaming pick has arrived. Once again courtesy of Amazon Prime. Jack Ryan, the Prime Original series is fantastic. Falling in line with his badass transformation, John Krasinski makes... View Article

Streaming Pick – Luke Cage Season 2

June 29, 2018 Published by

I was trying to avoid the sequel thing for your weekly Streaming Pick. There are some bland movies polluting the streaming services. I turned back to Marvel’s Netflix Universe. Recent... View Article