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Netflix Pick – Bloodline

June 8, 2017 Published by

This week’s Netflix pick is the Netflix original series Bloodline. The show came by surprise a couple years ago and the slow start had me nervous. As the story opened... View Article

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Netflix Pick – Flaked

March 23, 2017 Published by

The weekly Netflix Pick is back! Apologies for the delay, I was on my honeymoon with my lovely wife and didn’t have a ton of time for Netflix (a real... View Article

Netflix Pick: Santa Clarita Diet

February 8, 2017 Published by

I’ve been pretty deep in Resident Evil 7 lately (check my write up) so I wanted something lighter for this week’s Netflix Pick. Oddly enough that led me to Santa... View Article

Netflix Pick – The OA

December 21, 2016 Published by

Netflix’s newest mystery/drama hit with a bang. The OA (a title better left abbreviated) is incredibly well executed and brave show that tells an astonishing story without an agenda. First... View Article

Netflix Pick – Glitch

December 8, 2016 Published by

The weekly Netflix Pick is starting to feel like the weekly recap of Netflix Original Series. Sorry about that, but they are producing good content. While Glitch isn’t 100% a... View Article

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Netflix Pick – Luke Cage

October 6, 2016 Published by

This week’s Netflix pick is (predictably) Marvel’s latest installment, Luke Cage. The Netflix pick is a day late as I searched for a different recommendation. Not just because Luke Cage... View Article

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Westworld – Fall TV 2016

October 4, 2016 Published by

HBO’s newest high concept series Westworld finally made its much anticipated debut. A lot of buzz surrounded this reimagining of Crichton’s 1973 sci-fi film of the same name. On Sunday... View Article