October 23, 2019 By

NUT UP OR SHUT UP! This week on an all new So Wizard Podcast, Joey and Markellus go it alone and bring you a testosterone infused episode with nerd news including a trailer for Bloodshot! Next, we finish up our NYCC coverage with interviews direct from the show floor! Then we check out the long awaited sequel, ZombieLand: Double Tap! Kick some dicks and check it out, ALWAYS FREE to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, listen on Spotify, or right on our website!

NYCC Interview Time Stamps:

19:00 Hector Rodriguez

20:20 Keith and Amy Gleason

23:27 Onrie Kompan

24:24 Nuri McAdams

26:33 Ben Slabak

28:36 Dirk Manning

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