Fall TV 2015 Follow Up – Castle

September 29, 2015 By

Castle is in its 8th year and it really should be the last. The series should have wrapped with Castle and Beckett’s wedding. Beckett gets promoted and Castle goes back to writing. Nice, neat, happy, done. I don’t want the show to be over because I don’t like it. Just the opposite, I’ve been a fan since the Pilot, mostly because I’m a fan of Nathan Fillion himself. I’m not going to go into what the show is. This is a quick state of the show coming into its eighth (wow that word looks like it’s spelled wrong) year. If you don’t know or care by now you wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

Last season started with Rick Castle gone missing and his fiancee looking for him. He was recovered fairly quickly and a couple episodes were spent trying to figure out what happened to him in his mind gap. It seemed like something of a wasted opportunity with how fast he was found and how quickly his mind gap didn’t really matter. It lingered on but wasn’t a really big focus. I understand these formulaic shows have following because of the formula and the audience wants to see what they know. It just seemed really odd that the man and his fiancee weren’t so concerned with what had happened.

My point in picking apart last season directly relates to the issues I’ve had with the season premiere this far. This season begins with the now married Castle and Beckett living the good life. Castle has a super hero secret lair quality office for his growing PI business, Beckett got a big promotion, and all is well. Beckett gets a weird phone call that sends her off to work and Castle finds out that his business is only growing because his daughter started cracking cases (more on this later).

Beckett doesn’t go to the official meeting she said she had. Instead they find some of her personal items covered in blood at a crime scene. Now Beckett is the one missing and Castle is the one searching, yes I’m being serious. A single season later they are doing essentially the same story line just swapping the roles. This is precisely why I think the show has run its course and needs to end before it gets bad. Castle and Alexis (mostly Alexis) uncover clues about Beckett and find she seems to be working with some criminals, or at least not resisting them. The show ends on a cliffhanger that doesn’t really have any sort of tension because we know this ABC drama won’t kill off its co-lead.

The best part about this episode was the re-inclusion of Alexis Castle (Molly C Quinn). It’s good to have her back, not just because she grew up hot, but because Alexis was always a strong supporting character. Her supporting role looks like it’s being kicked up and she is playing an integral part to Castle’s new PI business along with the series. I’d love to see Castle end and a new version of Veronica Mars start with Molly Quinn in the lead and Fillion showing up every now and then to keep it going.