Fall TV 2015

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My favorite season is upon us! It has nothing to do with leaves changing, pumpkin flavored… everything, or sports. Fall TV is here and a slew of different types of movies are soon to follow. I love the lull in TV for the summer to catch up on things I’ve missed over the years (Veep, Silicon Valley, MASH) and I love the large tentpole summer blockbusters (Jurassic World, Mad Max, Marvel anything) but now it’s time to catch up with old friends and check out the fifteen thousand new shows, most of which won’t make it to Christmas.

I plan on this being an ongoing feature, discussing new and returning shows. The majority of my coverage is thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s biggest issue in 9 years. The Sept 18/25th issue is nothing but Fall TV coverage, so let’s dive in.

Keep in mind there is no way for a single person to watch or keep up with EVERY SINGLE SHOW so if I missed yours, leave it in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.

Homeland (returning)

Season 5 of the intense Showtime series kicks off October 4th. I’ll admit I was absolutely hooked on this show for 3 years… then they did something unprecedented on TV until more recent years. I stopped watching. The show is still rated very well and I have been told by watcher’s it is intense. Credit where credit’s due, a bold twist like that is a way to keep a show fresh and moving forward without being tied to any single character or actor.

Verdict: Get back into this show if you’re in the same boat as me. If you haven’t watched, get on it.

The Last Man on Earth (returning)

Never having been a big fan of Will Forte I was very skeptical on this FOX sitcom. The first season was surprisingly enjoyable. Admittedly a lot of the jokes you see coming, and the very title can’t be literal since the show would be boring; watching the bumbling and inept Phil Miller make his own situation go from bad to worse constantly was a lot of fun. Also, January Jones looking like she has a sense of humor is a good thing.

Verdict: Sure, why not?

Bob’s Burgers (returning)

I avoided this show until this past summer because I judged it at first sight. The animation is terrible. The writing, wit, pacing, voice acting, and overall humor is absolutely outstanding. Do not skip this show! The series so far is available on different streaming platforms but you can jump in at any point.

Verdict: Get on this if you haven’t

The Leftovers (returning)

I’m new to this one. Haven’t finished the first season but the concept and the fact that it’s made by HBO speak volumes in my eyes. Showrunner Damon Lindelof (LOST, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z) brings a cool character piece with an interesting sci-fi element. Season 2 is going to be a new location so a good place to jump in if you don’t want to watch the first season. Based on a novel by Tom Perrotta’s.

Verdict: New to me but I’ll make the recommendation anyway.

The Simpsons (returning)

Enough is enough. Die hard fans will be annoyed with me but this ran its course a long time ago.

Verdict: Move on already.

Once Upon A Time (returning)

A great real(ish) world telling of many fairy tales. Magic is very much alive and the characters are more than nods and approximations. Despite stumbling a bit last season with a little too much Frozen, the show has some very strong writing and constantly puts new twists on classic characters. Captain Hook is a dashing hero? Pan is an evil kid? Rumplestilskin can never be trusted and the hero of 4 years looks to be the new villain?

Verdict: Say what you will, but I’m in.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (returning)

Andy Samberg is the best thing to come out of SNL in a LONG time. Add Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, and a strong cast of relatively new faces to the mix and you get a really fun and not at all serious cop show. Taking shots at everything without being self effacing the show really found its mark midway through the first season. It’s a sitcom so jumping in at anytime is easy.

Verdict: Nothing you haven’t seen but surprisingly funny.

Family Guy (returning)

I’m just tired of this. The fanbase killed the show more than the writer’s, but anytime I jump in with nostalgic thoughts of when I used to find it witty I’m bored of the same recycled jokes and obscure 80s movie references. I’m a big fan of Seth McFarlane and wish the show would end so he’d have more time for other projects, but I guess that’d be wishing away what is, without a doubt, a massive payday for him.

Verdict: Much like the Simpsons, this show is past it’s prime and has nothing left.

CSI (returning)

I don’t watch this show, but with 15 years and over 300 episodes I’ve seen a good amount, even if by accident. I’m just making a mention here since it is now coming to an end.

Verdict: If you’re a fan you know you’re going to watch it end. If you aren’t I guess it doesn’t matter but thought it was worth mentioning.

Blood & Oil (new series)

A really cool trailer and Don Johnson has me curious. A drama set in North Dakota about an Oil tycoon and some newcomers looking to cash in. The show promises to be full of backstabbing, lies, tension, and complicated relationships. Sounds more soap opera than I’d like, but I like to try new things.

Verdict: I’ll give it 3 episodes and see from there. Check back for more when it airs.

Fear the Walking Dead (new series)

A bad title and a worse show. The only reason this boring spin off has any viewers at all is because of the insanely popular The Walking Dead. The characters are largely unlikable, it takes a long time to get around to doing ANYTHING. In one episode the audience got the treat of watching the family play monopoly during a power outage.

Verdict: Chances are you love, or at least hang on to, the original Walking Dead series but that doesn’t mean you have to tune in twice as much. This show is boring.

The Walking Dead (returning)

I almost gave up on this show a couple times but it gets better and better as it goes. Last season was powerful and the actor’s, new and old, work very well together. AMC has found its style and tone and it is working. Coming into it’s sixth season we left the band of survivors in a neighborhood as close to paradise as possible in the zombie infested world. As long as the writer’s don’t squander everything they set up in fifteen minutes like that did last year we should be in for a treat. Please remember, no one cares if you read the comic books and what is and isn’t different.

Verdict: I don’t think the show is good enough for the staggering numbers it gets, but I do enjoy it and will continue watching.

The Good Wife (returning)

One of the best shows on TV. No question. The writing is always strong. The pace is fast, the humor is perfectly scattered throughout and coming into its seventh season it has yet to have a weak storyline, regurgitate an old storyline, or run out of interesting storylines.

Verdict: If you aren’t watching this, you should be. I believe it’s all streaming on Amazon Prime and is well worth bingeing to catch up before the Oct. 4th premiere.

Quantico (new series)

Following new FBI recruits and starring a relative unknown to American audiences, Priyanka Chopra (she’s huge in India), Quantico will play out as a week to week mystery. The audience will be all knowing, or at least know more than the characters. The showrunners promise everything is connected and everything is a clue. Despite something of a unique premise and starring a minority female the show is looking to focus on the same tropes we’ve seen on TV a million times before. Opening the show on a sex scene, and showcasing the characters like archetypes more than actual characters is giving me some doubts.

Verdict: Hoping the mundane showing of the series is just a way to talk to the masses and not an exact representation of the full on show I’m going to give it a shot. The fact that its on ABC and not NBC is a sign in the right direction.

Supergirl (new series)

I am one of the few who hasn’t watched the leaked pilot. I did see the lackluster trailer but still am holding onto hope. DC has been doing great with TV shows, I’ve been a fan since Smallville. Arrow and The Flash are also great. We can forget about Constantine, it seems everyone else has. As long as the nods to Superman (without saying so flat out) are kept to a minimum it could be good.

Verdict: The pilot episode isn’t always a great portrayal of what the show will be. I’ll give it 5 episodes to catch me.

Fargo (returning)

I didn’t watch the first season (yet) because I didn’t think the movie needed to be made into the TV show. I didn’t see how it could be good without rehashing what was so great about the 1996 film. I was wrong. The first season, now on Hulu, is something I plan on catching up with quickly. Season two is adding even more great cast members.

Verdict: I’m in. Regretting being behind on the first season is why I’m doing this write up!

Minority Report (new series)

Much like Fargo, this is a tv series made off of a film adaptation. I thought the world created in Minority Report was a great world to be put on TV. The one pitfall the writer’s need to avoid is a (pre)crime of the week. The series will be a sequel, of sorts, to the 2002 Steve Spielberg film. Spielberg isn’t on board for the series, which is worrisome since it seems like he’s putting his name on everything. If FOX can get Tom Cruise to cameo like Bradley Cooper is for Limitless they’ll have a ratings giant by default.

Verdict: Skeptical, but it looks worth a try. Even if you love it don’t get too attached because it’s a sci-fi show on FOX.

The Big Bang Theory (returning)

The powerhouse comedy is back for it’s 9th season and not going away anytime soon. A lot of people online seem to hate this show for being ‘fake geek’ that elitist attitude looks beyond the clever writing and the fact that we have a sitcom to watch where the characters actually change and grow. Season 8 ended with some bombshells and the network didn’t bury the lead on what would happen when Season 9 kicks off. That gives me hope than more is in store than what you think.

Verdict: The show is funny, well written, and has a subtlety in storytelling most sitcoms don’t bother with.

Gotham (returning)

Batman without Batman turned out to be a fairly solid cop show in its first season. I have some issues with the series, like introducing Bruce Wayne WAY too early, but overall it is much better than it really should be. Who knew Penguin would ever steal a Batman set story? Smallville was originally conceived as Batman before Batman with Bruce Wayne training up. As much fun as it is to see the early days of the villains, and Jim Gordon rising through the ranks, I still hope against logic that Gotham turns into the early days of Bruce Wayne’s vigilante career.

Verdict: Season 1 surprised me. I’m on board for season 2 and hoping they keep the upward momentum.

Blindspot (new series)

Jaimie Alexander found her way into geek hearts as Lady Sif in Thor. She is the lead in an action/thriller/mystery. Alexander wakes up naked in times square, covered head to toe in tattoos. This isn’t just a draw to lure teenage boys into watching, the tattoos are clues that the show will uncover one by one. Sounding like a cross between Momentum and the first season of Prison Break, Blindspot has the potential to be a gripping show with a cool mystery. If it becomes a case of the week forumlaic show where tattoos you’ve never seen are the center of the ‘mystery’ you’ll lose audiences. Executive producer Martin Gero promises every tattoo is already thought of and if the audience pays attention they’ll be able to figure it out.

Verdict: NBC’s response to Quantico? Maybe. Give it a try and find out which is superior.

Castle (returning)

A week to week cop show with a little bit of comedy and a slight twist. I only started watching Castle because of the lead, Nathan Fillion. The show has it’s charm but can get dull. Not recommended for binge watching but far from bad. At this point Castle needs to be playing to it’s end game. Eight years of a formulaic cop show has tied up whatever it needs to.

Verdict: I’ll stay to the end. I don’t dislike it but I don’t look forward to it. Star power is everything.

Legends (returning)

Sean Bean has made it to the second season of a TV show. The concept isn’t great and TNT doesn’t usually put out good TV. But let me say it again. Sean Bean has made it to the second season of a TV show!

Verdict: Sean Bean has made it to the second season of a TV show.

NCIS: Los Angeles (returning)

NCIS is a great show. This spin off is anything but.

Verdict: How did this make it to year two, let alone SEVEN?!

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (new series)

Neil Patrick Harris is clearly the only draw for yet another variety show. That’s why his name is in the title. It looks like it’ll be another Knock Knock Live. Ryan Seacrest’s latest show lasted less than two episodes. Literally.

Verdict: We all love NPH, but there’s no way we’ll love this.

The Grinder (new series)

A funny concept and a likable cast has definitely peaked my interest. Rob Lowe plays the older brother to Fred Savage. Savage’s character is a legitimate lawyer. Lowe’s character played one on TV for eight years. Pretending to be one for so long has him fooled into thinking he can do the real thing.

Verdict: Sitcoms are always dicey, many cross the line of stupid-funny to just plain stupid. Let’s see how Lowe and Savage do.

Scream Queens (new series)

If it wasn’t for American Horror Story I wouldn’t even consider this. Ryan Murphy proved horror can be done right on TV (minus Freakshow). Scream Queens is more comedy than horror, but the name and cast show it is firmly planted in the world of the Slasher genre.

Verdict: Horror/comedy is always an interesting mix up. It worked great in Slither, Cabin in the Woods, and Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Let’s see how it works on TV.

The Muppets (new series)

New series, old friends. The Muppets are something of an American icon. Everyone I knew for my generation, one above, and one below, have fond memories of The Muppets. Jason Segel brought them back from obscurity a couple years ago with a fun movie that had a slightly less fun follow up. The personalities and puppets are back on the small screen and it looks like Hollywood is lining up to embrace them.

Verdict: As an adult I don’t know how this will hold up week to week. I think it’s worth checking out for the sake of nostalgia if nothing else. Some fun and funny programming safe for the whole family is never a bad thing.

NCIS (returning)

Coming into its thirteenth year NCIS remains a well written and enjoyable show. The enjoyment of this show comes from the cast and the chemistry. The interpersonal relationships and the character growth trump the case of the week formula of the episodes. Season 12 ended on something of a scare for fans but the scare is only skin deep since insanely popular network shows aren’t known for taking massive risks.

Verdict: A strong show that deserves its fans and its following.

The Flash (returning)

Lighter than its CW counterpart, Arrow, The Flash follows one of the less popular (to mainstream audiences) DC heroes on his own adventures. Cases of the week are part of the series but don’t define it. The lighter tone and constant twists are refreshing and fun to follow. The show also constantly pays homage to its comic book origins.

Verdict: I thought it was goofy at first but it works. The cast is committed the writer’s take even the most ridiculous elements seriously and the crossover episodes with Arrow are phenomenal. Watch it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (returning)

Season 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first big TV endeavor is coming and it appears the Inhumans are coming with it. Continuing its relatively new tradition of taking less popular franchises and making them great the Inhumans is making Agents of SHIELD the show it should have been from the start. A roughy and campy first season finally became awesome through its tie ins with The Winter Soldier story.

Verdict: Fear of falling behind in all things Marvel when the show was at its weakest is gone. Now the show is worth watching on its own merit.

Manhattan (returning)

A WGN America show (what?) that I caught up with on Hulu. Manhattan follows the team of scientists tasked with changing the world in the 1940s. It’s a World War 2 story without showing the war. The show tackles the science, the military, race, and gender equality without being heavy handed on any one topic. A surprisingly high quality show that needs a bit more awareness.

Verdict: The show is on a ticking clock, eventually we know the scientists succeed, but that doesn’t diminish the journey.

iZombie (returning)

Another show I’m shocked made it to season two. iZombie plays up on the zombie craze that I call zombie fatigue. Enough is enough. Zombie’s are especially uninteresting when you make them cute emo girls and not menacing brain dead walking corpses as they were originally intended. Make them fast, make them alien like, make them whatever, but keep the core meaning. iZombie tries to be clever but falls flat.

Verdict: It’s not the worst show but it feels ‘very CW.’ Despite the fact that it’s a fresh idea to put on TV it plays every week stale.

The Bastard Executioner (new series)

Kurt Sutter is a powerhouse creator for FX. The Shield and then Sons of Anarchy has me interested in anything the man creates. The Bastard Executioner has a cool name, interesting premise, and clout behind it to make it an instant hit.

Verdict: Kurt Sutter promising more revenge and violence on FX, a network that is constantly pushing boundaries of cable tv? I’m in 100%.

Fresh off the Boat (returning)

How is this returning? I don’t find the show offensive to Asian’s or Asian American’s, though I don’t know how other people don’t in our over sensitive culture. I find this offensive in the fact that it is so painfully unfunny.

Verdict: No. Nope. No thanks.

Limitless (new series)

Another film turned series. This one also takes the stance of following up where the movie left off. Taking inspiration from both the movie and the book that inspired it Limitless could be very interesting as a TV show. The trailers and press for it make it seem like yet another network is throwing in with Quantico and Blindspot. Bradley Cooper showing up to carry on his character is also pretty cool. It’s not as if Limitless made his career.

Verdict: I’m curious enough to watch. Out of the three shows that seem very similar I’m hoping they aren’t as similar as they appear.

Grandfathered (new series)

People really seem to like John Stamos despite not having done anything of real note in a long time. I’m not knocking the guy personally but he is not a draw to lead a sitcom in my eyes. They better show something better than the typical jokes in the trailers.

Verdict: Not at all interested.

Empire (returning)

Now we’re talking. Empire was a powerhouse hit in its first season and with great reason. Complex characters, no good and evil sides, nothing is clear cut, family is your best friend and worst enemy. The music is good, the cameos are good, the writing is great. Despite legal trouble the show is having behind the scenes I only care about the legal trouble some of the characters are having on screen.

Verdict: I am psyched for this show to return.

American Horror Story: Hotel (returning, sort of)

AHS proved that horror works on TV. Despite a stumble in last years uneven and poorly thought out Freakshow I am fully on board to see where Hotel takes us. Taking on every aspect of the horror genre AHS is always creating and always expanding in brilliant ways. A fairly consistent cast that gets to play drastically different roles every season. AHS not only proved that horror works on TV but that this type of show, every season a standalone chapter, works equally as well. Heroes Reborn should take note.

Verdict: Last years AHS Freak Show sucked but I am all in for Hotel.

Black-ish (returning)

See my review of Fresh off the Boat. I feel about the same here.

Verdict: unfunny

Arrow (returning)

The best super hero show on TV by far. I’m still mad DC isn’t letting Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow cross into the film universe they keep trying to launch to compete with Marvel. Arrow does the week to week thing, loosely. The show has great overarching stories with great characters. Some of the story elements are expected cliches but the strength of the show shines through. Amell is a great lead both on and off screen. He’s dedicated and loves what he does. His passion for the project shows through in every episode. It’s also great to get half the cast of Spartacus back together to take on Amell who auditioned for the role of the titular gladiator.

Verdict: Season 4 appears to be very different going forward. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Modern Family (returning)

I know this show is immensely popular. I just don’t see why. Every episode has a chuckle or two but never felt like it was worth the small commitment of 25 or so minutes. How it’s going into its seventh year is an utter mystery to me.

Verdict: Mentioning due to popularity. Undeserving of that popularity.

The League (returning)

Coming back for one final season the horrible group of friends on The League should keep up the funny. The League has some ongoing story lines but it’s a sitcom at heart. The finale won’t change your life but that doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy of your time. I said way back in the beginning of this long winded article that I don’t care about sports season. If that’s why you’ve been avoiding The League you are missing out.

Verdict: Like football or not you should be watching The League. The first six seasons are all on Netflix so you have no excuse.

You’re The Worst (returning)

I thought this was a new show when I started seeing commercials for it. Apparently the off beat comedy is going into it’s second season. I’m curious since it’s an FX show and I’m always looking for things I actually find funny. My only hold up is humor trying too hard to shock people generally falls flat.

Verdict: If I can find the first season streaming I’ll give it three episodes.

South Park (returning)

One of the few shows past the 6-7 year mark I don’t feel has run out of things to say. South Park seems to get better with age, or maybe it gets better as I age. Crude humor lays over some serious social commentary about our world at large. Every episode is cranked out in less than a week so it’s always topical and not Tosh.0.

Verdict: Sure it’s had some bad episodes and the first handful of seasons are nearly unwatchable at this point but Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made one phenomenal show that, despite its insane popularity, doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

Supernatural (returning)

I really liked this show and hung on for five years. I didn’t quit it because it stopped being good, I quit it because there is too much to watch. I tell myself that I’ll catch up one day on Netflix but the truth is show creator Eric Kripke had a finite amount of seasons in mind and it has surpassed that. If the creator says the show has run its course, the show has run its course.

Verdict: I don’t watch anymore but have always appreciated the show for its self effacing humor, intricate plots, consistent lore, and overall badassery.

The Player (new series)

Wesley Snipes is back.

Verdict: The advertisements tell me Wesley Snipes is back. I don’t know if that’s a positive or negative.

Heroes Reborn (new series – sort of)

Heroes was one of the best single seasons of television I have ever seen. Debuting in 2006 I was 21 years old, it still gave me a sense of childlike wonder and excitement to see comic books come to life in their own way with real world stories and real world characters. The second season is often lambasted and the writer’s strike had everything to do with it. Heroes Reborn is a sequel and a reboot wrapped in one. Bringing in some new characters and reviving some familiar faces Heroes Reborn looks to be the follow up to Heroes fans have always wanted.

Verdict: This is one of the most anticipated shows of the fall season for me.

Scandal (returning)

I don’t see why this show has the following it does. I couldn’t get past the second season. Every episode follows Elizabeth Pope. Every single character on the show says how great Pope is at her job and every episode is based around her being wrong.

Verdict: yawn

Bones (returning)

This was a pretty fun show for a while. After the 6th or 7th season it all started to feel stale.

Verdict: Shows need to learn when enough is enough. Audiences may hang on but I know I personally end up watching these week to week shows out of responsibility than enjoyment.

Grey’s Anatomy (returning)

I actually watched this show for eight years. Eight years… The shows biggest weakness has always, and will always be the titular character Meredith Grey.

Verdict: When the titular character sucks it’s hard to stick with something. Good for Shonda Rhimes for owning TV though.

The Blacklist (returning)

Writing this kind of negativity for the So Wizard website may get me into some trouble. I watched the first season of The Blacklist and liked it enough. James Spader was the only thing that kept me coming back. I got tired of every episode being the same and the one big ‘mystery’ of the series being obvious.

Verdict: More formulaic than ever.

The Knick (returning)

Clive Owen is awesome. I will be catching up on The Knick as soon as I have time, sadly that may be between seasons two and three. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this medical show that is more than a medical show.

Verdict: I plan on catching up ASAP. I suggest you do the same.

Last Man Standing (returning)

Tim Allen has a show going into it’s 5th season? har har har

Verdict: I watched Home Improvement. Other than Red Belt I don’t have a desire to see Tim Allen.

MasterChef Junior (returning)

Pretty fresh as far as reality TV goes. I’m not huge on cooking shows but if I catch this on I’ll check it out.

Verdict: Not appointment TV by any means but a solid choice.

Dr. Ken (new series)

I got sick of Ken Jeong right around 2009. The Hangover was great, he was funny in it, then you couldn’t escape him. On occasion he was funny on community but not often enough for me to watch a show centered on him.

Verdict: I guess if you eat up what this guy sells then this is one for you. I don’t think we need another silly doctor sitcom though?

Grimm (returning)

The competitor’s brand of Once Upon a Time Grimm took a darker tone and made their fairytales more action oriented since the show follows a homicide detective. Sadly that does nothing to make Grimm feel like anything else than Hydrox to ABCs Once Upon a Time Oreos.

Verdict: A lucky imitator.

Hawaii Five-O (returning)

A fairly solid reboot of an old favorite. Bringing back shows usually relies on name recognition where Hawaii Five-O is a show in its own right. It’s a basic cop show with week to week cases. It does have some overarching stories but for the most part it’s a take it or leave it. What confuses me the most is that ABC boosts the colors to ridiculous levels. The show looks way better on Netflix.

Verdict: It’s fine. I stopped watching it because there is much more original programming available.

Shark Tank (returning)

Another reality show makes my list. This one’s pretty cool. People pitch ideas to investors. What’s great about it is the investor’s call it how it is. They aren’t cruel for ratings reasons and they aren’t so soft that everyone gets a blue participation ribbon.

Verdict: I don’t set my DVR or watch every episode but if I’m around and it’s on I tune in.

Blue Bloods (returning)

Donnie Wahlberg’s starring role of a family dedicated to service and justice in New York City is a riveting cop show. The Reagan family is the center of the show that is more than a cop show. Policing is an aspect but every episode ties up with family. Putting multiple generations tackling issues that are actually somewhat timely makes the show more interesting than its run of the mill counterparts.

Verdict: Great network cop show with a strong cast.

Doctor Who (returning)

Yes, Dr. Who is still going. I love that the show has such deep roots and a dedicated fanbase. I wish I could love it like other people do. I think it’s alright but can’t get as hooked as some do.

Verdict: Another one that probably doesn’t need mentioning. This show has been around forever.

SNL (returning)

I am thoroughly convinced this show is only on because its a staple. It hasn’t been funny in over a decade.

Verdict: No thanks.

Ash vs Evil Dead (new series)

A tv show made out of a film? What else for 2015? I liked Evil Dead as much as anyone else. I was very skeptical on the theatrical remake/reboot/reimagining but that turned out awesome. When I heard there was going to be a TV show I had the same skepticism. Hopefully it surprises audiences and does more than remind us that Bruce Campbell made The Evil Dead. Sam Raimi directed the first episode of the series so here’s hoping.

Verdict: I don’t have Starz but if it hits Netflix I’ll give it a shot.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (new series)

You read that right. Marvel’s most refreshing film is becoming a TV series. Chris Pratt is really busy being amazing at everything so the show will be animated. The animation looks solid and this was not an afterthought of the movie’s success as the studio has been accused. The cartoon is being done (of course) by Disney so that just says quality to me.

Verdict: I’m hoping this is as cool as the Clone Wars cartoon show. I want to check it out but fear it may be too kid-centric for me to really enjoy.

The Man in the High Castle (new series)

Amazon throws its hat into the ring against the other streaming giant now doing original programming, Netflix. The Man in the High Castle is a show that I will watch fully in a single sitting if possible. The concept is outstanding, what if the axis powers won WW2? Based on a great book by Philip K Dick The Man in the High Castle was given pilot treatment early in the year. Because of the reception it received Amazon went ahead and turned it into a full blown series.

Verdict: This show alone will be worth an Amazon prime membership. That membership can also be had for $67 (on 9-25-15) for the year thanks to Transgenders not so deserved Emmy win.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (new/rebooted series)

Being a huge fan of The Colbert Report I decided to follow his move to late night TV. I enjoyed Letterman enough for what it was. It was never a show I’d intentionally tune in or set the DVR for but if I was up late that was my go to talk show of choice. I now set my DVR for The Late Show.

Verdict: I love Colbert so I may be bias. I’ll do a full write up in its own section but I will say WATCH.