Geek Girl Volume 1: Lightning Strikes!

August 29, 2017 By

Geek-Girl: Vol.1: Lightning Strikes! is out Aug 25 and available at and

Last November we did a write up on a new comic book by Sam Johnson and Carlos Granda. Geek Girl was an impressive indy with some phenomenal art and an intriguing enough plot. It’s a superhero story with a couple of its own flourishes thrown in. August 25th saw the release of the first four volumes of Geek Girl.

To summarize the start of the book I’ll pull from my initial write up of the first issue:

The story follows Ruby Kaye, an attractive college coed who has something of a charmed life due to her looks and social status. Overhearing about a spectacular invention by a known brain at the her Maine college, Trevor Goldstein, she decides that it should be hers. The invention in question is a special pair of glasses that grant flight and super-strength. Sound good to be true? Of course it is! This is a comic book. The glasses come with a side effect or two…

As Geek-Girl goes on a journey to find a flying girl powered with lightning who put her colleague, Neon Girl in the hospital. Not much is said on Neon Girl but enough is introduced that more is to come…

The story picks up straight away. The second issue puts the action aside for character growth. At first I was reading fast looking for the action but it didn’t take long to appreciate the artwork and the character development. More than just the titular character are explored which helps to round out the small inner circle of Geek Girl.

The character development we get is good, but I was hoping for a bit more. A couple other heroes were introduced in the first issue that seemed like they’d be bigger players but their roles are reduced to cameos and not much more time is spent on them. This may be an unfair assessment with only 4 issues out, but there is some finality (not total) in the telling.

The art remains consistent throughout, more kudos to the creative team behind the book. Actually looking back at issue one compared to some panels in three and four the art is improving. The characters get more human proportions and some of the posing is a lot less awkward. The vibrant colors and solid inking give a really clean representation

The writing feels like something that would be right at home on the CW. The characters are likable and balance their regular lives with the super ones they’ve fallen into. Ruby Kaye battles with her own identity. The power-inducing glasses give her confidence but maybe, too much confidence. She tries to live a ‘normal’ life but doesn’t want to give up her new found one. Seeing if she’s making promises she can’t keep she rises to the occasion as a hero in this short but tight arc.

If you checked out the write up for issue 1 and were intrigued here’s another chance to jump in. If you read issue 1 and didn’t follow up I’d say its worth your time to get the next three issues just to get some finality to your story.

It’s clear the creative team behind Geek Girl has all the needed skills. Let’s see what they continue to do with it.