Netflix Pick – Glitch

December 8, 2016 By

The weekly Netflix Pick is starting to feel like the weekly recap of Netflix Original Series. Sorry about that, but they are producing good content. While Glitch isn’t 100% a Netflix original, Netflix is the platform that is bringing the Australian production into a much wider world. In addition to being the catalyst to get this great story shown widely Netflix is co-producing the second season (currently in development).

The small town of Yoorana isn’t a remarkable place. That is until corpses begin to rise out of the ground. In this paranormal drama the corpses aren’t the living dead. They are simply living. The corpses have a few things in common but they are varied in many more ways. The people are back, with little to no memory of their deaths. The memories of their past lives are foggy and come back in bits and pieces. They aren’t made up of rotted and decaying flesh but are restored to as they were right before they died.


Senior Constable James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) is called to the cemetery where all the people return from the dead. One of the returned is a woman named Sarah Hayes (Emily Barclay), James’s wife. The intrigue in his wife’s return and the oddity of the case has James struggling to keep it a secret. The only other person that knows is a local doctor, Elishia (Geneviece O’Reilly).

The real catch of Glitch is in the shows originality. This isn’t the typical return from the dead story. There are no zombies. This isn’t even like any other resurrection story I’ve seen. The creepy factor is almost nonexistent but you also don’t miss it. The why is the driving force behind this incredibly well written series. Glitch wastes no time jumping into the meat of the story. But it trickles answers to questions. The stakes are always being raised as the characters come into their own and the story unfolds.

The biggest surprise the show delivers is the quality in acting. This isn’t a slight against Australia, Australian TV, or any film production but a small show in any country would give avid viewers pause to wonder on what to expect. The acting in Glitch is flawless. Every single character, whether major or minor, is fully on board and committed. The performances ground the supernatural element so real it never even crosses the viewer’s mind that the goings on are bizarre.

A little light on content in this week’s write up but I want to be sure to steer clear of spoiler territory. The mystery is the ride. Enjoy it.

Glitch: 4/5