Interview: Chris Barcomb, Matt Kund, and Noah Ray – Superior Sam: Everyone Needs a Home

July 6, 2022 By

I had the pleasure of sitting down once again with Matt Kund and Noah Ray. These two prolific comic creators also run Ageless Press (@agelesspress). Chris Barcomb is the newest creator to work with Ageless. He is the creator of Superior Sam. They are currently kickstarting Superior Sam Everyone Needs A Home.

“The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam began with a simple idea that has transformed into a current nine-issue run of self-published comic books, but now with the help of Ageless Press we’re back with another awesome stand alone Superior Sam adventure! As an amputee, I wanted to give kids a way to see the world through an unconventional superhero’s eyes—Sam is a little boy, an amputee, and a superhero without any super powers. With the help of his friends, they strive to make their school and town a better place. Having dealt with so much in the past, Sam and friends are always up for a new challenge and happy to help wherever they can. When the local animal shelter catches fire and some of the animals are left without a home, Sam and the team jump in to help! The comic is written by myself, Chris Barcomb, drawn by series artist John Nickerson, lettered by Noah Ray, and edited by Jason Jones. The comic itself is 16-pages (includes front, back covers, a title page, and interior pages), full color, and is a standard size comic. All comics will come bagged and boarded and ship in a comic mailer.”