Interview – Dan Price – Bigfoot Knows Karate – Now on Kickstarter!

October 13, 2022 By

I got to sit down with Dan Price to talk all things comics and comic creating! This was a ton of fun and Dan will DEFINITELY be back in the show.

Dan’s latest creation, the second chapter of his awesome and insane comic BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE, is currently on Kickstarter!

Official Press Release:
enthralling continuation of the book that set Kickstarter on fire in 2021. From indie comic geniuses, Dan Price (Masters of the Obvious) and Casey Allen (Voodoo Chile). BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE CHAPTER 2 re-encounters Kickstarter this FALL! The cryptid roller coaster of chaos continues in this gut-wrenching sequel. Imprisoned by a mysterious cadre that captured him, Bigfoot stands alone, surrounded by enemies. Will he be able to escape, or even survive? Return to BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE and delve deeper into the creative depths of philosophy and imagination that made the first issue so beloved.

BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE Chapter 2: BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN is the second of a five-issue miniseries coming to Kickstarter in OCTOBER! The first issue of this series blew away expectations and minds as it became an indie comic sensation. Social media buzzed about BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE’s creative concept and stunning visuals. The reaction when issue one reached the pledgers was astounding as it was hailed for the quality of story and engrossing characters. Issue two will prove a more than worthy successor. The media push will be bigger. The story will prove bigger. EVERYTHING will be bigger!