Jupiter Ascending

February 6, 2015 By

I’m not gonna lie, this movie broke my heart. I absolutely loved the first Matrix movie. It’s how I judge almost any other comic book/fantasy movie. The Wachowskis just understood how to make good movies. Ever since then, their stories have had problems. This movie pretty much confirms to me that these two should not be filming their own scripts…ever again.

In this giant Sci-fi space opera, Channing Tatum plays Kaine Wise, a soldier that’s been genetically spliced with a wolf, so he’s a bit animalistic. That would be cool, except I’ve seen it done to much better effect in Wolverine, or even Jacob in Twilight. Here it’s done just because…well why not? Mila Kunis is Jupiter Jones, a human who’s destiny is something greater than she knows (could she be ‘The One?). He has to save her (a lot of times actually) and they get caught up in some galaxy spanning bureaucratic nonsense that I couldn’t really get interested in. This movie also seems to “borrow” from other movies, which just reminded me of better films.

Uh, I could go on and on about how disappointed I was in this movie. I’ll will say it’s visual amazing, but the script is all over the place and isn’t remotely engrossing. The Wachowskis are amazing directors, but their writing skills are failing rapidly.

Do yourself a favor and just watch Guardians of the Galaxy, Fifth Element, or The Matrix to see how this type of movie is supposed to be done.

Markellus’s Verdict 2/5