March 20, 2017 By

The Belko Experiment

Greg McLean
Tony Goldwyn, John Gallagher Jr. John C. McGinley

“The Belko Experiment” is a suspenseful thriller about a large group American office workers in Columbia, that have their world turned upside down one day.

The building gets locked down from the outside, trapping all the employees inside, and a voice comes over the intercom telling them to they have to kill two of their coworkers or more of them will be killed at random. The employees think it’s some kind of joke, and when they start dying off, it becomes incredibly clear that this is not a game.

We’re introduced to these different office employees at the beginning, and then we get to know a little bit about them as the stakes get raised, and follow them as their lives become more at risk when the voice asks for more sacrifices.
I really enjoyed the performances throughout the entire movie. It did feel like the characters reactions were natural, and how people would really respond to this messed up situation. It didn’t feel like a formulaic horror movie. It was suspenseful, and unpredictable, which is exactly what I would want with this type of movie.

The social commentary isn’t as strong as you think it would have been, but I would rather have a solid film that gets the filmmaking basics correct, than have another boring and sloppy,  “Purge” movie. “The Belko Experiment” does check off the dramatic, humor, and gory boxes, and does it with relatable characters.
The tag line on the poster said “Office Space meets Battle Royale” and that’s spot on.

Grade: 4 out of 5

-“Marquee Mark” Markellus