Movie Review: COLOSSAL

May 1, 2017 By


Nacho Vigalondo
Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis

Colassal may be one of the most unique ideas for a movie that I’ve seen in years. It’s so goofy, it’s kind of hard to believe that it made it all the way to theaters.

Anne Hathaway stars as Gloria, a party girl in New York who’s usually drunk and out of control, much to the dissapointment of her boyfriend played by “The Beast” himself, Dan Stevens. One night after being fed up with her actions, he kicks her out and she has no where else to go. She decides to travel back to her small home town and hopefully figure some things out.

Once she is back in the old neighborhood, and catching up with old classmates, she’s completely overwhelmed by the news reports of a giant 20 story creature attacking Seoul South Korea, and then realizes that she may be somehow connected to it.

What follows is a layered, quirky comedy about how this irresponsible party girl must start taking some responsibility when innocent lives are at stake. Also the effect this phenomenon has on her new and old small town friends.
Unfortunately halfway through the movie, the script starts to crumble apart. The layers unfold, and new plot points are introduced, some are cool and others I feel like wind up going nowhere. Although the finale is incredibly satisfying, when it was all over I was wishing there were more progressive steps to that finale, instead of some seemingly dead end character scenes.

The performances were great all around. Anne Hathaway is vulnerable, silly, and adorable. I am actually becoming a big fan of Jason Sudeikis, he does some solid work here.
The movie is just okay, but it had the potential to be a really unique experience.

Grade 2.5 out of 5

-“Marquee Mark”