Movie Review: ENOLA HOLMES

October 1, 2020 By

It appears that Netflix is staying in the Millie Bobby Brown business because she’s now leading their new movie (and possible franchise) Enola Holmes.


This is the story of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister. She’s raised by their mother and is taught all about science, literature, and self defense among other things. She’s whip-smart intelligent and she shows that it runs in the family because after the introduction, she’s off to solve a grand mystery… her missing mother.


Sherlock, and stuffy older brother Mycroft, arrive to take guardianship over Enola, but she soon escapes, following the clues her mother left behind, as she’s determined to find her. 


Millie Bobby Brown is just adorable as the main character. On Stranger Things her character has to be a bit monotone, (which luckily has been diminishing with each season) but this role lets her strut her natural charisma that’s usually on display during interviews and comic con appearances. It’s easy to tell she’s having a blast in this role, especially when she breaks the Fourth Wall and addresses the audience directly. It’s a gimmick that I quite enjoyed. Henry Cavill is also in the film, portraying a different type of Sherlock than we’ve seen popularized. He’s subdued and a bit stoic, not the eccentric sleuth of recent years. 


The movie is definitely a fun romp, meant for everyone, but CLEARLY aimed at young girls. Unfortunately storywise, it does feel like they are cramming multiple books all into one movie. I don’t think that’s the case, but the film does seem like it’s switching the main plot around and around. It’s also a tad bit more violent than I was expecting, definitely showing off that PG13 rating in a few places. 


Overall, I enjoyed it, purely on the performances, the quirky storytelling style, and the ambitious scope. I just wish the story was a bit tighter and offered some more traditional “Sherlock Holmes” type of deductions.


3 out of 5

“Marquee Mark” Markellus