Movie Review – A Ghost Story

January 25, 2018 By

In my quest to catch up on movies from 2017 I came across A Ghost Story on Amazon Prime. After a five minute pause following that first sentence I wondered if it’s even worth doing a full write up. It’s important to get this out in the open. To everyone who claims to love movies like this thinking it will make them a cinephile or “deep.” This is a bad movie. It is.

C (Casey Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara) are in love because the plot dictates them to be. The relationship isn’t established. Even after C dies the flashbacks don’t make it seem like the two cared for each other.

C comes back as a ghost in a Charlie Brown quality costume. He kinda lurks around waiting for things to happen. Much like the audience. Eventually A Ghost Story tries to do something. The delivery is so poor and comes far too late for it to amount to anything.

There are so many devices (gimmicks) attempted to try and give the movie some depth. Long straight shots of characters doing nothing. Ghosts communicating with subtitles (that leads to nothing). The fluidity of time. A line made for the trailer coming back around to give us a merciful end to our boredom.

There is a scene of Rooney Mara eating pie. It goes on for almost five full minutes. No exaggeration.

I guess I’ll try to break this mess down as if it’s a legitimate movie. The entire premise and “meaning” is supposed to be love and loss. How are we supposed to feel for the couple if we don’t know them? How are we supposed to care if they don’t seem to care about each other? It’s not even like we came in at a specific bad time in their relationship. After C dies flashbacks show more of their bad relationship. There could have been some happy times and the two wishing they had done better. That would at least be a movie.

As the sad excuse for progression unfolds and the audience starts to realize that no, it doesn’t get better. C watches a house party in the home he shared with M in life. Some loser goes on a rant I’m sure Writer/Director David Lowery was very proud of. Well Lowery. Don’t be.

The trailer looked like one of the most boring and pretentious pieces of crap made. Whatever assumption you had in your head would be better than what you actually get.

The real tragedy is that Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara are both talented actors.

A Ghost Story – 0/5

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