Once Upon A Time

September 30, 2015 By

Viewership was reported as way down for ABCs fairy tale epic. This news was very disheartening to me since I think this is the start of the best storyline they’ve had in awhile. Last year introduced Frozen and the classic Fairy Tale female villains in very heavy, hamfisted ways. Two massive story lines in a single season felt rushed, but at the same time I couldn’t wait for the world of Frozen to end. Frozen was a fine movie, and obviously a huge hit for Disney (parent company of ABC). The sisters were shoved into the world of Once Upon A Time jarringly and when the storyline was resolved they were gone as quick as they came. A little more subtlety in story telling would have gone a long way.

Just as soon as Frozen and poorly done CG monsters left the show Villainesses came in, just as quickly as the girls from Frozen. This was a lot of villains to throw in and not even time or attention was given to any of them individually. This many massive iconic characters butting heads should have been a brilliant season long issue for the do-gooders of the town to deal with.

Back to the point, Season 5 of Once opens with The Dark Swan. Emma Swan, the shows protagonist for the first four years, has evil building up inside of her. The premiere episode follows Emma out of our world and back into the realm of the fairy tales. Rumplestilskin sits as the devil on her shoulder trying to get her to join the dark side, or let out her darkness, whatever the terminology is, they’re all Disney properties now.

The episode seemed to be wrapping up, wasting another great storyline idea, when the last two minutes threw a curve that should set off a very interesting season in which the heroes play the villains and the former antagonist of the show has to play the part of the hero. A little heavy handed, sure, but fantastic nonetheless.