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Joeys answers:

First Concert: Trixter & Firehouse

Last Concert: The Interrupters

Best Concert: The Ramones, Iron Maiden at MSG, Misfits/H20/Sick if it All

Worst Concert: Sublime was bad

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Festive Owl @TheFestiveOwl

First Concert:
Last Concert:
Best Concert:
Worst Concert:

Seriously, but maybe the real @FANEXPOBoston is the friends we made along the way. Always have to make time to see the amazing @justonescarf!

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Episode 419 of the #podcast is off to the editing bay! Get ready as @WMassLiberty and @thepintpodcast join us to review Bodies, Bodies, Bodies! Many opposing opinions on this one, it’s drops this week! #PodcastHQ #PodernFamily

RE mini Marathon starts now! Sorry for running a lil late! Let's hang out! My face is still messed up. MEGA FUN!