Press Release: Storyworlds Releases all titles on Kindle!

November 12, 2021 By

Don’t wanna wait for the street date? FAB BREAKOUT anthology, The Sword & The Six-Shooter are now available on Kindle!


While there will always be print books, Storyworlds is so excited about the release of FAB Breakout Book 1: Mad World and The Sword and the Six-Shooter: Book 1: The Demon Frontier, that they decided to release them digitally, prior to shops, alongside their other titles, FAB: Book One: PandoraUnited States of Magic: Book 1: Grand Theft Global, and Only Hope: Book 1: Fear Farm.

This way, even more people around the globe, especially those areas who may be facing a paper shortage or delay in distribution, can enjoy these titles long before collectors can snatch them up!

(W) Various (A) Various (C) Various (CA) Alex Ronald (L) Taylor Esposito

Rogue 3D printing tech has been released to all mankind. Twenty breakthrough writers and artists synthesize stories from a world where wishes are made real at the touch of a button. Fabbing in 3, 2, 1…POK!

(W) Max Gadney, Simon Delafond (A) Julian Parry (L) Taylor Esposito

In 1870, a disgraced Samurai, Ito Kojiro, arrives in the United States to hunt down his master’s killer. He becomes a Texas Ranger and, haunted by ‘Yōkai’ demons, he pursues his target across the last lawless frontier in the West.

Storyworlds is a UK-based comics publisher telling global stories from diverse, up-and-coming creators in a new Graphic Novella format. We launched in October 2020, with titles out starting summer 2021.