Rainbow Six Siege

December 7, 2015 By

I want to start off by adding the disclaimer that shooters are really not at the top of my interest. I find them to all be the same, I don’t care about the story and I could probably just own Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the rest of my life and never care about another shooter. That being said, I started Rainbow Six Siege and immediately got frustrated. The controls aren’t familiar and the enemies are hard. I rage quit fairly quickly. Not only did I continuously send my drone out, set off grenades or stupidly shoot at nothing and alert my enemy that I was nearby, but I couldn’t figure out how to crouch. I kept clicking the right analog stick and nothing – obviously I’ve played PlayStation too much and I got this for Xbox One.

Graphically this game is beautiful and I am very happy to own it – despite my anger. I only felt better about my failures when I heard that everyone else had issues with it as well. This game definitely doesn’t focus on your ability to shoot- but rather your memorization of the extensive maps. These maps are so large that you tend to get lost in them before you even find an enemy. There are multiple buildings, many, many rooms and the terrain is just large in general. You may rage quit just from that. If you are used to this type of play, then sure… get Rainbow Six Siege. I don’t blame you – it’s beautiful and could potentially be fun. It’s just not the type of game that I want to put effort into liking.

Aubrey’s Verdict 3.5/5