Review: Harbinger #2

December 7, 2021 By

Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lansing
Art by Robbi Rodriguez

So… there’s a lot of story going on. Peter Stanchek had lost some memory of his past. He hears he was a menace but has no recollection of his atrocities. The city lives in fear of him.

A group that calls themselves The Warning confront him but before he can use his powers and get some answers about what happened to him they disappear.

So the pacing of the story is fine… there’s a lot the writers want to convey to help set up the world of Peter Stanchek. There’s lots of ground to cover in exploring Peter’s past, introducing the characters, etc. it’s one of those stories where it’s going to be slow going for a bit. Quite a bit of dialog and post narrative. It’s just enough to keep you intrigued, but if were any slower you’re probably going to want to wait a few months and check out later issues to see if anything else has happened. Otherwise it’s good. And Valiant Entertainment really wants you to read Shadowman.

The art is great. Fits the world. Compliments the story. I’m really enjoying it. So in conclusion, 3/5. Just be aware there’s not a lot going on just yet.

It’s worth a pick up.