Joey DiCarlo – Co-Host/Writer

Joey DiCarlo - Co-Host / Writer
Joey is a lifelong nerd, wanna be Jedi Knight, comic book fanatic, and, surprisingly a married father of two. When he isn’t co hosting the So Wizard Podcast he is running all of the So Wizard Social Media Empire from his cell phone!

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Markellus – Co-Host/Writer

Markellus - Co-Host/Writer
Blerd. Movie Watcher. KPOP fan. Whedon groupie.

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Aubrey – Co-Host/Writer

Born from ash, The Aubrey walks among man with a mysterious glow. Faced with the most difficult challenges, she rules with an iron fist and faces challenges head on. To defeat her, you must become her, to become her, you must defeat her.
Aubrey - Co-Host/Writer

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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider

    You start off by climbing a mountain to find some hidden city in Siberia. You don't really understand what you're going there for until you go into a flashback sequence. After finishing the flashb..Read more

Adam – Web Master/Writer

Adam - Web Master/Writer
Web Developer by day, movie buff, gamer, gym rat, collector of internet titles (apparently), aspiring writer, by night. Can’t get enough Star Wars, loves Lord of the Rings, Batman is king.

Adam also runs and Otaku Empire.

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  • Direct Focus – Catch Me If You Can

    Continuing on our journey through the directorial career of Steven Spielberg we come to 2002's Catch Me If You Can! Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks this is Spielberg at his best. The movie is..Read more

Andrew – Artist/Writer

Andrew was born and raised in captivity for most of his life. His only connections to the outside world were the video games and cartoons supplied by his caretakers. The other monkeys kept away from him because of his rampant mouth farts. In isolation from the other monkeys, he developed a passion for drawing. On the mark of his’s quarter life crisis, the So Wizard crew abducted him in search for a dancing monkey, but perhaps they picked up something a little more complicated. And now he will be supplying the crew with weekly comics.
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  • Pokkén Tournament for Wii U

    FINALLY the Pokémon game we’ve all dreamed about 15 years ago. Typical of a Nintendo, this is a game for everyone, but it’s also for fighting game enthusiasts. And if you’re a big fan of the Po..Read more