Steaming Pick – What We Do In the Shadows (series)

July 24, 2019 By

Your weekly streaming pick has arrived! We’re doing something slightly different this week. I try to keep the streaming picks to the most popular platforms. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. This one can be found on FXNow but you do need a (someone’s) cable log in to use that app and get all the episodes. I’m unsure if it is on, or will be on, Netflix or Hulu. Hulu does have some other FX series so if you’re patient it may hit there.

The series explores a group of vampires who have been roommates for 100 years. They are tasked with taking over Staten Island, their home. None of them are fully aware at how the world has changed or progressed since they went into hiding..

What We Do In The Shadows was a phenomenal movie that came out in 2014 (see my original So Wizard write up). The original movie featured Jemaine Clement and a virtually unknown Taika Waititi as writers, directors, and lead stars. When I heard that the show was becoming a series I was skeptical. Then I heard that the series would not be starring Clement and Waititi and lost all hope.

What We Do In the Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows is an original series on FX

When the first season wrapped I was talking to So Wizard’s own Joey DiCarlo and he said I had to watch it. I watched the first couple episodes and was hooked. The translation from the movie to the series loses NOTHING. The series even adds some elements that were sorely lacking in the movie. I didn’t know these elements were missing until I saw them in the series. Without going down a well of spoilers; I will say that Mark Proksch who was so good as the underused Nate in The Office plays a vampire who sucks the energy out of people by being boring and unlikable is a stroke of genius.

The other cast members have been working steadily but may be new to American audiences, especially those who still get the majority of their entertainment from network TV. Whether you know them or not is irrelevant as the series progresses. They are great, and great together. There is a lot of chemistry given the tone and subject matter of the series.

The main reason why the series is still so strong is that Clements and Waititi stayed on to help create the series. Both men had a hand in writing every episode from the first season and they each directed three. Having the original creators still on board should put all your potential fears to rest. If you still need convincing just remember that Waititi made Thor Ragnarok and Jemaine Clements is half of Flight of the Conchords.

The series also never tries to be the movie, take the place of the movie, or rehash the same jokes in a flat way. In a world of entertainment ‘universes’ this show could easily run side by side with the movie as the same world, at a different place and time.

Do what you have to do to check out What We Do in the Shadows. The whole series can be bought for around 30 bucks or hold out and wait for Hulu if you don’t have a cable subscription. It’s so worth the effort.

What We Do In The Shadows: 5/5