Streaming Pick – Bosch

March 6, 2019 By

Bosch, your weekly streaming pick comes courtesy of Amazon Prime. In fact, it’s a Prime original series. I said a handful of week’s back that Amazon Prime seems to have the best quality to output percentage wise. Bosch is another example of such, even though at times it feels a bit too familiar.

Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) is a Detective in Hollywood, CA. He has some renown for being aggressive, borderline insubordinate, but effective. He’s a seasoned vet both as a detective and in regards to military service which leads him to having the best case record in all of California. Sure, some of the set up of the character seems par for the course in cop shows but that doesn’t stop him from being unique and interesting in his own right.

Alright, that synopsis was a little weak. I’m talking about the series as a whole so to delve into every plot point, supporting character, and twist would basically just end up being several Wikipedia articles smashed into one. It would also take all the fun out of watching a Detective story.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call Bosch a procedural. That feels insulting to the series. Almost dirty. It’s not a new episode every 47 minutes where the entire case and trials are wrapped up neatly by the end and the hero character’s hunches were right all along. The show keeps you hooked because there are always several cases going on at once. These run alongside the character’s personal lives, which are also developed fairly well.

In some ways though, Bosch is as familiar as the long running traditional network cop shows. More in tone than in story line. At times the plots can be predictable and the character who doesn’t play by the rules but always has an out at the last minute is tried and true. Something about watching a show with these familiar elements but stretching them slightly without going to the degree of The Killing (another recommendation by the way) was comforting.

Bosch is an Amazon Prime Original program.

The series feels as if it has stakes. The main character has flaws, and these often come with consequences. Titus Welliver does a great job in his role. The rest of the cast circle around his character but are given enough to have three dimensions. The relationship with his partner, at times, leaves you wanting a little more but the series is ongoing and the personal developments are a slow burn. The majority of the storytelling is focused on the cases.

Bosch is based on a series of novels by Michael Connelly. The series of books debuted in 1992 with The Black Echo. The character and story were well received, so well received that the series now numbers 21 novels, and counting. The show takes its cues and broad strokes from the novels but have been updated to fit in with it’s 2015 premiere. In addition to the 21 novels Harry Bosch has appeared in a number of short stories and has even cameoed in projects by other authors. Is this a common thing? The literary cameo?

The literary origins of the novels are ever present in the series. The characters have clever names. The dialogue drips with research the author would have done for authenticity and when the dialogue really gets rolling it has a rhythm to it that feels more read than freely spoken. None of these are knocks on the show. Sticking to it’s roots is part of the reason the show is so watchable. The episodic nature of a series is a perfect correlation to the chapter by chapter layout of a written story.

Not wholly unique or ground breaking Bosch is an enjoyable series with it’s own style and tone. Some of the cases are definitely more interesting than others but the series grows as any series should. The character grows too. Harry Bosch feels slightly more than human but to a forgivable degree that doesn’t take you out of the story.

Bosch – 3.5/5