Streaming Pick – Electric Dreams

January 23, 2019 By

Your weekly Streaming Pick is an Amazon Prime Original. Electric Dreams is Prime’s answer to Black Mirror on Netflix. The Twilight Zone is one of my all time favorite shows. Having not one, but two, spiritual successors to it is incredible. It’s the Golden Age of TV.

As an anthology series it’s tough to give a synopsis on the series at large. The full title of the series is Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams. Each episode takes on the works of the late Science Fiction writer. That should tell you a lot. The stories focus on technology and the implications of it.

Amazon has put a lot behind this original series. The production on each episode is that of a mini movie. Even the less effects driven stories boast gorgeous costuming, backdrops, and set pieces. Nothing looks cheap or recycled. No set looks like a sound stage.

Another benefit to the anthology series is in the talent. Major stars and talented actors don’t always want to sign on to grueling TV scheduling. They may not want to lock into multi year contracts on a single project. Filming a movie quality hour long episode? That’s an easier pill to swallow. These short stories give many talented actors a chance to do something different. The strength of the writing makes it so that star power isn’t needed. That aside, it’s still great seeing familiar faces show up in roles of all sizes.

I have read a few Philip K Dick works. I have a hard time getting into his style of writing. What I don’t have a hard time getting into are his concepts and story ideas. There have been many adaptations of Dick’s work before this show. Bladerunner is one well known example.

The writing style of Dick is a product of his era. The whole flow was different. Not better or worse; different. Electric Dreams takes those ‘different’ styled stories and gives them a modern update. The key is that each episode holds the spirit and message of the source. That, above all else, is why Electric Dreams works.

Not every episode may click with you. Some will blow your mind. The beauty of the anthology is that another one is coming with a new and different flavor.

Electric Dreams 4/5