Streaming Pick – Letterkenny

July 10, 2019 By

Your weekly streaming pick has arrived! Letterkenny is a Canadian TV show with a cool path to our TV screens.

The plot is simple. Letterkenny is a hick town in Ontario. The inhabitants of the town go about their lives and respond to situations in their own unique ways. The characters are well developed. There are larger plots, but the real joy of the show comes from the razor sharp writing.

To go even further back, Letterkenny was originally a YouTube series. It was taken into a more traditional series by CraveTV. Hulu is the US distribution hub, lucky for us. There are already six seasons of this genius show to enjoy. The seventh season debuts this October.

I’ll be the first to admit I have a hard time finding comedies I can get into. I revisit the same ones over and over since I watch so few. When people kept recommending Letterkenny to me I was apprehensive. I didn’t want to waste my time when there’s so much great stuff to watch. I also didn’t want to have the old familiar conversation with my friends that I didn’t like the thing they love.

I was wrong.

Letterkenny streams in the US through Hulu.

Letterkenny is a show about Canadian hicks. Hicks are often associated with stupidity but this show is far from stupid. The writing is sharp and fast. The jokes come at a rapid pace. Even when the characters are talking about something simple the jokes are well researched and witty.

Some of the editing is stiff. The first couple episodes feel a little jarring since it’s not as fluid as many other comedies. The stiff performances and editing are intentional. The style fits the characters and sets the tone.

You won’t see many familiar faces on the screen. This is a smaller comedy produced by a country that we don’t get many original series from. Jared Keeso and Nathan Dales wear multiple hats as actors, writers, producers, and directors. The supporting cast around the leads is also excellent. I’m not too far along in the run but Katy (Michelle Mylett) needs more to do. Not just so we can see her on screen, but because her character has a lot of potential and the actress plays effortlessly.

Letterkenny is a breath of fresh air when more and more comedic actors are mistaking noise for humor. The writing is great and the show is just foreign enough to be different without being away from American’s taste in comedy.