Streaming Pick – Lunatics

June 13, 2019 By

Your weekly streaming pick is Lunatics! Lunatics is a Netflix original created, written by, and starring Chris Lilley.

Lunatics is a fake-documentary series about six very different personalities. Each character is more insane than the last and that insanity ramps up every episode. The characters don’t come together and the plot is thin and unimportant. If you’re new to Chris Lilley you are in for a treat.

The series follows:

Keith Dick (Chris Lilley). A retail worker with dreams, ambitions, and illusions of being a big time fashion designer. He also has a fetish for inanimate objects, and outdated cash register.

Becky Douglas (Chris Lilley). A massive girl who stands over 7 feet tall. Her and her twin sister (of normal height) move from Australia to California to attend college. No attempts made to have the middle aged man playing the teenage girl look feminine. Which makes it all the better.

Gavin McGregor (Chris Lilley). At only 12 years old this kid is pudgy, obnoxious, and completely inappropriate. He’s sent to see the historical estate hes set to inherit. Why his aunt and uncle put up with his crap is unclear. It is funny to watch Lilley hang out with a couple actual kids with no physical attempts to blend in.

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Jana Melhoopen-Jonks (Chris Lilley). A South African pet psychic who actually believes the crap she spews.

Quentin Cook (Chris Lilley). The very definition of a douchebag. This over privileged rich boy is idolized by his mother and lackey brothers. He’s taking over the family real estate business, if he doesn’t drive it into the ground first. For some reason he and his brothers all have giant butts as well.

Joyce Jeffries (Chris Lilley). Some poor soul did a very convincing job superimposing Lilley’s face onto the body of a porn star. Those disturbing, yet hilarious, images are the least of this characters worries.

Again, if you’re new to Chris Lilley projects you’re in for a treat. The guy is insane in the best possible way. He plays all six leads and will go to any lengths to get a laugh. The pure insanity of his comedy and the series works in both concept and execution.

The episodes are short, as well as the season. It makes the absurdity palatable and snappy.

Typed words won’t do Lilley’s brand of comedy justice so you should watch a few episodes. If this is your first time give it two to three episodes. You may need time to absorb what the show is doing and get into the feel of the comedy. There isn’t anything else like it.

If you love this, and you should, check out Summer Heights High and Angry Boys on HBO.

Lunatics: 4/5