Streaming Pick: Mom and Dad

November 2, 2018 By

Better late than never. Your weekly Streaming Pick has arrived. Currently streaming on Hulu, Mom and Dad is a fun thriller starring the always entertaining Nicolas Cage.

Based incredibly loosely on movie pseudo-science a signal of sorts is broadcast across a suburban town. It’s hard to tell how far the signal traveled but what is known is that this signal triggers a primal instinct in all parents heads to make them want to kill their children. Brutally.

Carly (Anne Winters) ditches school early after a slew of parents attack the building trying to kill their children. Since the signal only has parents going after their own flesh and blood Carly was able to, eventually, make it home. Having figured out what was going on before most Carly tries to get to her brother Josh (Zackary Arthur) out of the house before their parents come home.

Brent (Nicolas Cage) and Kendall (Selma Blair) had a strained relationship before their world went crazy. In a strange, and sometimes hilarious, turn of events the two find common ground as they team up and try to murder their children.

It should go without say but Mom and Dad is ridiculous. It’s supposed to be. It doesn’t play like a spoof and takes itself seriously. As serious as it can given the premise. Mom and Dad works because everyone involved took it seriously. Movies that are ‘so bad they’re good’ or try so hard to be something clever in this vein more often than not fall flat on their faces. It’s a tightrope walk for sure and writer/director Brian Taylor nails it.

Nicolas Cage is a fantastic actor. He carved his own niche in Hollywood where he can completely and entirely go for it in every movie and people eat it up. The scenery chewing doesn’t always fit the movie. Credit where credit is due, Cage is brilliant in Mom and Dad. When the world goes crazy his acting is turned up to levels only Cage can achieve.

Mom and Dad is an insane movie with self-awareness that sells it beautifully. The cast is strong. The direction, quality, and creativity tie together a project that should have had a strong theatrical run. All of this was done for a bare bones budget of 7 million dollars.

Mom and Dad 4/5