Streaming Pick – Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

July 26, 2018 By

Your weekly streaming pick is an HBO documentary about the late, great, Robin Williams. Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind is an in depth look at the life and work of an amazing man and legendary comedian.

I generally try to keep the streaming picks to the obvious platforms. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. HBO, being a premium service is asking a bit extra. In this case (and many with HBO) it’s totally worth it.

Documentary filmmaker Marina Zenovich captures the essence of Williams. The star studded interviews relate glowing stories of Williams as a performer and a man. The bright and hilarious stories give you a look at the man you know and love. Glimpses of the depression that would eventually claim his life cast an ominous feeling over the levity. Lifelong friends as well as people who hadn’t seen Robin in decades come to talk about their love for the man.

The best parts of the documentary are when Williams himself guides you through his life. Zenovich got her hands on rare archival footage, home movies, and behind the scenes shots. She digs deep into the lengthy career of Williams. The best clips to promote the man and her message of love and admiration are a treat. Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind is a celebration of a life well lived, ended too soon.

Documentaries support the director’s intent. The director’s love for the man is well deserved. This is reinforced through the enthusiasm in which Williams’s past uncovered. Movies, TV, interviews, writing, stand up, USO shows, etc.

Celebrity deaths affect people in different ways. It’s easy to dismiss how if affects others by saying, ‘you didn’t actually know them’. While technically true, we let these people into our lives in a unique way. Despite all logic, it will hit you. Robin Williams was that for me. The first celebrity to leave an impact following the tragic news. The impact felt by Williams death by many is a true testament to his talent and giving nature. Williams’s career spanned not only a long time but also a wide variety. You could grow up on his material and as you age and discover new aspects of his career the quality never wavers.

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind: 5/5