Streaming Pick – Short Circuit

February 6, 2020 By

Your weekly Streaming pick is in! I believe this is the first Disney Plus series I’ve recommended.. How did I not recommend The Mandalorian!? Anyway, this weeks streaming pick is Short Circuit.

This isn’t the version that stars Johnny Five. The full title is actually Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Circuit Experimental Films. That’s a ridiculous title, but the project itself is really cool.

The premise is that anyone who works for the studio can pitch an idea. These ideas are then made, with help from their colleagues, into really cool animated shorts. Some of the ideas are little tags that don’t really have a long term application but make for a cool short. Others could likely be developed into full features but give audiences a little taste.

Short Circuit Title Card

Short Circuit is a Disney+ Original

What’s so thrilling about the concept is that this is a group of creatives picking, developing, and producing projects pitched by other creatives. Having to fulfill product placement, make it safe for China, and needing a 100 million dollar opening weekend are all out the window so that just the artist’s vision is a concern. It’s also cool to see the styles used to bring the project to life.

Each mini-episode has its own style that helps serve the story. The styles are vast given the freedom of what Short Circuit is. It’s another place for the artists to experiment with something they’ve always wanted to try or may not be feasible to maintain for two hours.

Seeing the creative energy coming out of Disney animation studio has always been a treat. I’ve even been rewatching their classics like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Fantasia. There’s no denying Disney stands for quality.