Streaming Pick – The Movies That Made Us

December 4, 2019 By

Your weekly streaming pick has arrived! Netflix has once again knocked it out of the park with The Movies That Made Us. Done in the exact same fashion as the amazing Toys That Made Us, the series turns it’s view on iconic movies.

An explanation as to what exactly this docuseries is seems pointless since everyone should be watching The Toys That Made Us. If, for some reason, you hate good things and are not watching that series. The _____ That Made Us is an ongoing documentary series that focuses on a single aspect of pop culture and does a deep dive on the history, success, and cultural impact.

The Movies That Made Us debuted on November 29th with four incredible episodes. A sadly short season, but the quality is where it should be. I was pumped when I saw the fun folks behind the series were back to tackle a subject I like even more than fond childhood memories of toys, MOVIES. Die Hard was the one that really got my attention but I started at the beginning. Dirty Dancing may not be the friday night comfort movie of choice for many of the wiz kids out there. Of course most of you have seen it, those that don’t know the iconic moments and lines.

The Movies That Made Us - Movies

The Movies That Made Us is a Netflix Original

Going behind the scenes on the movie was an eye opening look that actually made me want to rewatch it, despite it being far from a genre I’m typically into. A well made documentary can have that affect. If you’re still not convinced, want to see Swayze call Jennifer Grey a bitch? Then this is for you.

The series brings in collaborators from every step of the process in whatever subject they’re focusing on. The interviewees always seem laid back. There’s a strong feeling of them really opening up and spilling all the secrets. Chris Colombus pulls no punches in saying Chevy Chase was an asshole. The editing is fast and quirky. Lines are reused for dramatic effect but never punched up or altered. Just cut back in, at just the right time. It’s almost as if the documentary series exists in the same world as Portlandia except the subjects are all done with love and not snark and irony.

This is a must watch for any movie fans. Watch the whole series, not just the movie or two you may be curious about. There’s a lot of insight and a lot of inspriation found within. Plus it’s only four hour long episodes so… soak up what you can.