Streaming Pick – The Red Sea Diving Resort

August 7, 2019 By

Your weekly streaming pick comes courtesy of Netflix. The Red Sea Diving Resort is a Netflix original. It gives us Chris Evans in his first post-Captain America Role!

Red Sea follows a group of Mossad agents as they open an abandoned hotel in a war torn country. The hotel is a front for the agents to get Jewish-Ethiopians to Israel.

My interest in this movie started with Evans after his amazing send off in Endgame. There was some trepidation going into the movie that even if he was great in it I would only be able to see him as Cap. Evans is a charismatic actor. Red Sea didn’t give him a ton of opportunity to dig deep into his range. That said, it’s clear that there is plenty of career left for the actor.

RIght there with Evans was Michael Kenneth Williams. If you don’t know thw name you have to know the man. Williams is well known for playing Omar on The Wire and Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire. He does great with the limited screen time his character has.

The limited screen time and limited role is actually something of a theme for the movie. The rest of the supporting cast all have the potential to be interesting. We aren’t given a slew of fully rounded and developed characters.

Red Sea Diving Resort Banner

The Red Sea Diving Resort is a Netflix Original

There’s a quick bit toward the beginning where Evan’s Ari is recruiting the team. This seemed very much like a paint by numbers team build. It’s too bad that the strength of the cast wasn’t fully exercised. There’s an argument that the movie was a glimpse into an interesting part of history. The main focus was never meant to be about those who ran the operation. It still feels weird seeing a movie where Greg Kinnear and Ben Kingsley are a bit forgettable.

The story is interesting from a humanitarian and historical point of view. These little bits of history people only learn from books and/or movies are always amazing. This is one of those stories where if it was pitched as a bit of fiction no one would buy it. It’d sound too ridiculous. Especially when the Mossad agents run the fake hotel as if it was a legitimate business. Since it was real we can forget about the ridiculousness of it all and enjoy the story.

Going into how the plan came together. How they managed to enact it. How it actually worked was exciting.

As the local militant group closes in on the suspicious hotel staff it’s a wonder that they weren’t all gunned down. Some tense scenes show our heroes talking and tricking their way out of the jams.

The Red Sea Diving Resort isn’t the best movie you’ll see this year but it was a solid effort at telling a fresh new story. It was nice to see Evans in a new role, and for him do well with it.

The Red Sea Diving Resort: 3/5