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It’s Friday (Sunday?)! Time to countdown in the world of nerd with The Friday Five! This week the top five worst DC Comics reboots!

With the news hitting that DC Comics was once again going to reboot their entire line of comics, I felt it was worth delaying the countdown to take a look at the worst of them. The IDEA of making your comics easier to understand for the mythological new readers (who never show up) is great, unfortunately for DC, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. So sit back, relax, and watch the multiverse die again and again along with your interest in reading DC Comics!

5) Infinite Crisis


Ok. So. *deep breath* At the end of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, the original Superman (from Earth 2), SuperBoy Prime, the original Lois Lane and Alexander Luthor (the only hero of Earth 3) get to survive the destruction of the multiverse in a pocket dimension. (Still with me?) For twenty years they are just kind of hanging out watching the heroes have adventures and they don’t like what they see, everyone is dark and grim and gritty. SuperBoy punches through the walls of reality to escape and set things right, also glitching out the world and “fixing” things like resurrecting Jason Todd.

Eventually, everyone has to team up and stop the secretly evil Alexander Luthor and the insane SuperBoy Prime from killing everyone or something. The end result was a bunch of titles being cancelled, a bunch of continuity being even more confusing and a line wide jump “One Year Later” that didn’t really do anything or make the comics more interesting. Blech.


4) 90’s soft reboot


The 90’s were a dark time for comics. While books were selling more than ever, the quality of comics were taking a nose dive. Into the fray comces DC Comics and they had some ideas to make their characters hip and cool for the youth. Superman dies. In and of itself not the worst thing ever, but then he comes back and has a giant mullet and then gains electricity powers. Wat. Batman gets his back broken, gets replaced by Azreal in a new kewl armor, then comes back. Green Lantern goes crazy, kills all the other Lanterns and then becomes the evil Parallax. And on and on and on. Every hero had to go through some sort of shitty gritty filter filled with death and destruction and also terrible art.

Even the Justice League became EXTREME Justice. It was totally in your face. It was totally terrible. Eventually it all went back to normal, but anyone who was there will never forget “nothing ever being the same” every 3 weeks for about 7 years.


3) Final Crisis



Wat. That’s all I can offer for this event. Hyped by DC as the last chapter of the Crisis Trilogy, it’s a completely unreadable mess by try hard too cool for school writer Grant Morrison. As best I can tell, the New Gods are hanging out by a dumpster and Batman died, but didn’t really die and uh, yeah. The end result of this mess is the return of Barry Allen as the Flash, sending beloved Wally West off into comic limbo. Yuck. Sadly, the tie in SuperMan/Legion: Legion of Three Worlds is freaking awesome but lost in the mess of this turd bomb. Final Crisis was a mistake, it’s nothing but trash.

2) New 52


In 2011, DC decided to finally pull the trigger and just start the whole universe over. 52 new titles launched and readers came in droves to check out what was going on. What was going on was a god damn mess. The line was supposed to be a fresh start but they decided that Batman and Green Lantern actually had everything in their continuity stay so in the new timeline Batman either never slept or somehow had three Robins in the span of six months. Even worse, Green Lantern Blackest Night was kept in continuity even though it featured heroes that didn’t exist yet or hadn’t died in the New 52. Compounding this was the fact that launching 52 titles at once means that some of the talent isn’t going to be up to snuff. So while “Batman” and “Justice League” were and continue to be really good reads monthly, other books were saddled with bad art, bad writing and some unpopular 90’s retreads like Scott Lobdell working on them. Eventually sales began to freefall on most of the books leading us to….

1) Convergence/DCYou


Hoo boy. ConTURDgence was recently my pick for the worst comic of 2015, and it wasn’t even close. An unreadable, impenetrable mess, this new reader’s jump on point did the complete opposite. As far as I can understand, Braniac was making people from multiple earths fight each other. The end result of all of this complete dreck is the undoing of all of the DC Crises. Yep. So after ALL that, the solution was just to go back to how it was in the early 80’s. Who was clamoring for this?

After ConTurdgence pooped all over the place, we got the new DCYou initiative. DC made sure to let us know they were going to let creative teams run wild and tell any tales they wanted, without the constraints of years of continuity. Sounds great! Wait. Instead of good stories, we got Batman is James Gordon in a robot bunny suit, Superman loses his powers and runs around in a t-shirt and jeans, and Green Lantern is an “outlaw” who has long metal hair and wears a trench coat. As sales dropped month after month DC finally relented and will reboot AGAIN as we discussed at the top. What a freaking mess. Without a doubt, the worst DC reboot, and possibly the worst comics event series of all time. Worse than when Spider-Man had to teach the Beyonder how to go to the bathroom. Think on that.

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