Streaming Pick – Tragedy Girls

May 23, 2018 By

Your streaming pick for the week is here! Tragedy Girls is a slasher/horror/comedy. These genres don’t often blend well. The story is about a couple girls, obsessed with serial killers and social media. Starring Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead!) and Alexandra Shipp (Storm? We won’t hold that against her).

Small town USA lives in fear while a serial killer is on the loose. Sadie (Hildebrand) and McKayla (Shipp) use the tragedy to create a social media campaign. The campaign isn’t one of support or information. The Tragedy Girls campaign is to get online notoriety. The two high school BFFs trap the killer. They decide to pick up the spree, giving themselves exclusive access to the tragedy. The access makes their social media following explode. This odd level of success strains the girl’s friendship when even a killing spree couldn’t.

The synopsis itself has no business being funny. The dark sense of humor strung throughout the entire movie is spot on. It plays out like something in the realm of Scream Queens. We’re gonna go with the first, good season, of Scream Queens here. Not the abomination of a follow up. While the laughs are a little more low key the comedy is ever present. Keeping the comedy in check results in a serviceable slasher/horror movie. There are even a couple interesting plot points.

The friendship between Hildebrand’s Sadie and Shipp’s Hooper is the heart of the story. As sadistic as that may be, it has its own sense of charm. You actually feel for the protagonists even though you should do anything but. When the inevitable wedge is driven between the friends in the second act it will take you out of the movie for a bit. Stick with it, as predictable as the broad strokes of the movie are the finer details are refreshing and fun.

It’s impossible to watch a movie like this without noticing the message. More movies than not focus on delivering some kind of agenda. These heavy handed announcements can be exhausting. Tragedy Girls manages to place the dangers of social media addiction front and center without it being the primary focus. Hardly a frame of the movie goes by without a cell phone being in it. The lead girls spend more time chipping away at an electronic keyboard than they do interacting with the real world.

While social media is the end goal for the girls any audience member, at some point, will see a flaw. Not every person, even deranged ones, are capable of doing what these girls do to get famous. Have no fear. Writer/Director Tyler MacIntyre is a stronger writer than that. Actually the entire script for the movie is very well written. Even as the climax approaches too large MacIntyre keeps the movie on the rails.

Without much of a writing/directing resume Tyler MacIntyre shows great potential. A young cast with a couple familiar faces thrown in. MacIntyre takes on familiar horror tropes, makes fun of them, and delivers a film in the very genre he’s spoofing.

Tragedy Girls isn’t technically the best movie you’ll see this year but it is a lot of fun. The leading ladies are talented and gorgeous and Craig Robinson has a lot of fun in his limited role.

Tragedy Girls is streaming on Hulu

Tragedy Girls: 4/5