Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush

Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba

Let me first say, that this may be the most enjoyable animated feature film I’ve seen since “The Incredibles” …and that’s saying something.

I love movies that work on different levels, and animated movies are a really good platform for that.

This movie takes place in a world where all animals live together and get along great, now that the predatory animals aren’t attacking their prey. Our story is about a cute bunny rabbit that wants to be a police officer, she would be the first rabbit in the history of Zootopia to do it. She wants to follow her childhood dream, no matter how many obstacles are placed in front of her. There’s a mystery that’s going on, and she wants to prove herself to the police force by solving it. She teams up with a sly Fox to get to the bottom of it and the story unravels in a fun and unexpected way.

This is one movie that’s actually about many things. I was so pleasantly surprised at how the movie was progressing on top of getting an answer to the big mystery! It’s funny, thrilling, touching, and hits on some pretty heavy subject matter that adults will easily recognize, while still delivering an empowering “be true to yourself” message. Plus there was a “Breaking Bad” reference that made me laugh out loud.

Disney has really stepped up their animated storytelling. This is a great movies for kids and really fun for adults. If your kids are asking you to bring them to see this at the movies within the next few weeks, I can say this is one that will be an entertaining adventure for everyone!

Grade 4 out of 5


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