Amazon Prime Original’s “The Expanse” Activation – NYCC 2019

Amazon Prime Video invited us to participate in their “The Expanse” Activation at New York Comic Con. A recreation of part of the Rocinante sits in exquisite detail. The activation is a celebration of the shows fourth season. The first to premiere on Amazon Prime.

The Expanse Activation promotes the fourth season. Season four debuts on December 13th

The recreation of the ship was spectacular down to the last detail. Amazon really fit a lot into their space in the busy convention center. The ship is packed with props and details directly from the series. There was even a photo experience where you could pose with a blue screen and a doctored up image would put you into a scene based on the show and sent directly to your phone.

Around the activation itself, fans are treated to authentic props and costumes from the show displayed while they wait in line. The whole experience is very cool. Its clear a lot of care was put into making this as authentic as possible for fans.

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