Big Hero 6 Review!

Big Hero 6 Poster

Big Hero 6 (4/5)

This was a movie that I had high hopes for, based on the fact that it’s inspired by an old Marvel comic book series. Now, I’ve never read this book, but any adventure set in a comic book world is always going to be welcomed in my house. The fact that a Marvel title would be in the hands of the guys that brought us “Meet The Robinsons” and “Bolt” was a very exciting prospect to me because I really liked those movies.

Big Hero 6 did not disappoint. It’s a very strong, action packed, funny, and emotionally charged story. The animation was breathtaking (especially in 3D) and the comedic timing was spot on. The message of education as being a way to push yourself to accomplish great things, is something I think kids will really respond to. Hopefully it will be something they remember after witnessing the breathtaking action sequences.

The main character, Hiro, is the kind of young, plucky adventurer that you want to see where he goes next in the story. The loveable character of Baymax will easily become a favorite to anyone watching this film, he’s that charming.The rest of the team are entertaining enough that you want to spend more time with them.

I will say that I found some of the story points feeling a little too familiar. There are times where it felt like a mishmash of “How To Train You Dragon” and “Iron Giant”, but both of those movies are classics, so why not borrow from what works? All around, this is a great time at the cinemas.

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