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Insidious Chapter 3 Poster

Insidious Chapter 3

June 12, 2015 Published by

Labeled as the third chapter in the franchise, although it’s a prequel to the first making it Chapter 0 or the prologue chronologically, Insidious 3 is the second best in... View Article

Entourage Poster


June 4, 2015 Published by

A full on explanation of what Entourage is seems pointless at this time. The show lasted eight seasons starting in 2004 and the movie is fairly big news for a... View Article

Aloha Poster


May 29, 2015 Published by

The next Comedy/Drama from the director of “Say Anything”, “Almost Famous”, and “Jerry Maguire”. I wasn’t really expecting anything really exciting from this, maybe some quirkiness in the vein of... View Article

San Andreas Poster

San Andreas

May 29, 2015 Published by

This is a pure popcorn spectacle movie that delivers everything that it promises. There’s a much more ridiculous and goofy version of this movie called 2012, but this one here... View Article

Poltergeist Poster

Poltergeist (2015)

May 22, 2015 Published by

I just don’t understand how this movie opens in the prime time of the summer instead of at Halloween where it clearly belongs. I vaguely remember the original Poltergeist, except... View Article

Project Cars

Project Cars

May 22, 2015 Published by

Let me start by saying that I love cars. When I saw that there was a racing simulation coming out for the next generation consoles, I was beyond excited. This... View Article

Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road

May 15, 2015 Published by

Trying to type a review for this movie seems almost pointless because I don’t think there are words that can adequately describe it. This movie is hands down one of... View Article

Gotham Poster

Gotham – Season 1

May 11, 2015 Published by

A full retrospective on the first season of Fox’s Gotham! Now that the season is over I want to take a few minutes and look at the season as a... View Article

Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron

April 29, 2015 Published by

Tom’s Take: Hello Wiz Kidz! It’s Tom VanZandt, the Host of the So Wizard podcast and a huge Marvel movie Nerd. Thanks to a friend, (Who shall remain nameless so... View Article