Comic Review: Knights of the Golden Sun

October 24, 2018 By

Mad Cave, the studio that brought you Battlecats (our review) has done it again Knights of the Golden Sun is an incredible looking book with an original story and a ton of potential.

Knights of the Golden Sun is historical fiction with a biblical bent. This book won’t preach to you. If you’re not religious, don’t let that scare you off. This book is full of angelic badassery. If you are religious; the series respects it’s roots and doesn’t take a stance on religion one way or the other.

Taking place in the massive gap between the Old and New Testaments Knight of the Golden Sun follows a select group of angels. These angels are left to their own devices in the absence of God. The group of angels cast out of Providence make an attempt at claiming God’s throne. The Archangels left loyal to Father take it upon themselves to defend Providence. Man kind seems to be stuck in the middle but will play a crucial role in the fate of creation.

Knights of the Golden Sun – Free Preview Comic

Right off the bat the artwork is stunning. Mad Cave set the bar high with the first book they sent, Battlecats. It takes no more than four pages to show off the dazzling visuals this series will be delivering. There are wide sprawling images of landscapes, cities, and locations. These look as good as any print.

The style is more in line with paintings than some more traditional comic book art. Not only does this add a lot to the setting and subject; it adds a lot to the enjoyment of the series as a whole.

The character creation is unique. The angels are presented as bad ass warriors. Their armor is stylized for each individual character while some motifs carry across for consistency. The look of each character is a great representation of who they are in biblical mythology as well as what their characters mean to the overall story.

The first issue does a great job setting the stage and establishing the main players. A couple more mysterious characters show their faces at the tail end of the issue adding a level of intrigue to a story already rich with possibilities. A summation of whats to come is written in the dialogue. The conversation is easy to grasp and doesn’t sound anything like exposition.

Knights of the Golden Sun debuts soon!