Comic Review: Seven Swords

Seven Swords is an ongoing series written by Evan Daugherty with art by Riccardo Latina. It’s published by Aftershock Comics.

Seven Swords begins in 17th century France as we are introduced to a man confessing his sins to a priest. Both the man and the priest seem to be familiar with each other as both prepare to strike each other. Then it seems as if Quentin Tarantino took over because the priest got stabbed and all the other holy men of the church all come out like the crazy 88’s and then a bloody battle ensues.

We find out the man we are introduced to in the beginning is D’artagnan, one of the Three Musketeers. He’s the only surviving Musketeer, and he’s looking to kill those responsible for their deaths. D’artagnan fights his way to the top of Norte Dame, and meets up with a former captain of the Musketeers who tells him of a plan to help him rid of the main person who killed the Musketeers. A man named Richelieu. The plan is for D’artagnan to search the world for other swordsmen like him to be part of the Seven Swords.

The story and plot read like a summer blockbuster. You can imagine if this were a movie with the Russo brothers directing and John Cena plays the lead. It was a good read, it was quick, and it was interesting. This movie would be rated PG-13 due to violence and sexual situations. I did enjoy it.

The artwork was great. Colors are vibrant and shadows are done well. I like how the characters weren’t just shrouded in darkness just because it was night. Overall I would say this is 4/5 because since it feels like I was reading a movie, it has a lot of movie tropes. It’s engaging enough to keep me entertained and interested and I wouldn’t mind keeping up with the story.

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