Comic Reviews: Ninjak #4 and XO Manowar #7

Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Beni Lobel and Javier Pulido
Published by Valiant Entertainment

Ninjak #4 is part 4 of “Daylight”. In this issue we are introduced to the main villains right away.

Ninjak is able to extract information regarding the whereabouts of these people and sets out to assassinate them. Little did he realize there are others out there with the same idea.

This issue was a decent read. The story seemed to flow much better than last issue. Javier Pulido did the art for the first six pages, and Beni Lobel did the last 14. There is a HUGE noticeable difference in the art styles here that anyone could see at first glance.

Art is subjective, so perspectives change from one person to the next, and for me I’m not into Javier Pulido’s art style. It made for an only ok read for last month’s issue. When Beni Lobel takes
over, I started to get into the story more.

This gets a 3.8 out of 5. It started out meh… and improved for the last 2/3 of the comic.

That’s all for now.

Written by Dennis Hopeless
Art by Emilio Laiso

Last issue, Aric of Darcia in the X-O armor crash-landed in Paris when Shanhara experienced another one of her glitches, losing control of the armor. There was havoc and devastation everywhere!

This time around they are back in Manhattan dealing with the fallout, with billionaire tech wizard Troy Whitaker taking full responsibility for what had transpired. Before he could turn himself in to the authorities, however, the city is attacked by a swarm of nanite insects. Aric and Shanhara go in for the attack and Shanhara is still experiencing glitches, so they can’t do much. Troy goes to help out in his flying orb thing.

So the story is interesting enough to keep me wanting to read more. It’s enjoyable. It’s colorful. I like the artwork. Story and art work well. 4/5 Would recommend.

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