EXCLUSIVE Review: Conan The Barbarian – Bound in Black Stone | Titan Comics

Join me as I dive into the newest release from Titan Comics: ‘CONAN THE BARBARIAN – BOUND IN BLACK STONE.

This epic arc follows Conan on a thrilling adventure that defies expectations. As his homeland faces a dire threat. This four-issue series is not just about battles against the undead; it’s a journey through Conan’s roles as a barbarian, adventurer, noble, and Cimmerian warrior.

My first foray into the Conan comics, inspired by Robert E Howard’s creation, has been nothing short of spectacular, offering non-stop action, stunning art, and engaging dialogue. The creative team, including writer Jim Zub, artists Roberto De La Torre and Dean White, colorist Jose Villarrubia, letterer Richard Starkings, and editor Matt Murray, have delivered a masterpiece that blends classic and modern comic styles.

Available in digital and print from February 13, 2024

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