Film Valor – Jamison LoCascio & Adam Ambrosio – 7×7 – Battle Royale 2 – Interview – Part 1 of 2

I got to sit down with Jamison LoCascio and Adam Ambrosio from Film Valor to talk about… a whole lot!

They have a new movie out now, currently on Tubi. 7×7. 7×7 is a series of shorts with a common theme. “Presents seven stories of crisis and survival through a global pandemic, nuclear war, a mass shooting, isolation and staggering personal loss.”
Watch 7×7 for free on Tubi!

They also have a fun new Battle Royale video on YouTube. PUBG meets Star Wars in a special effects filled fun video.
Battle Royale 2 on YouTube!

There is also an upcoming book, more on that when it gets closer!

This interview is divided into two parts. The first we focus on 7×7 and then we move into Battle Royale and their upcoming book for indie filmmakers in part 2!

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