Interview – Allen Dunford – Pocus Hocus – Issue 4 Kickstarting now!

I got to sit down with Allen Dunford to talk indie comics! Specifically, Allen’s comic Pocus Hocus. I got to check out the first couple issues and it’s a great read. The artwork is also fantastic.

“Pocus Hocus is a hilarious faustian tale about a disillusioned magician who signed his soul over to a demon for power and fame and now he wants it back!”

It was also awesome talking to Allen about indie comics in general. Pocus Hocus is a new indie that is on a crazy rise and deservedly so. Three issues are currently available and number 4 is crowd funding right now! Check the link below and support this awesome indie comic.

Support Pocus Hocus on Kickstarter!

**Apologies for the audio. I have no idea what went wrong within Streamyard. At least Allen’s end of it sounds good and that’s what really matters.

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