Lizzy Caplan & Elsie Fisher Interview – Castle Rock Season 2 – NYCC 2019

At New York Comic Con 2019 we were lucky enough to get in on a round table with the cast and creators of Castle Rock Season 2. Watch our Lizzy Caplan & Elsie Fisher Interview.

Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Fisher play on-screen mother and daughter. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic, seeing how Annie Wilkes is as a mother.

There’s been a lot of talk about Annie Wilkes trying her best to be a ‘normal’ person. There’s also been several mentions that Misery, the story that introduced us all to Annie Wilkes, is told with bias.

Lizzy Caplan plays Annie Wilkes. Wilkes was first introduced to audiences in the Stephen King novel Misery in 1987. A well regarded movie adaptation was made in 1990. Kathy Bates originally brought Wilkes to life. The events of Castle Rock Season 2 take place before the events of Misery. Seeing who Wilkes was and knowing where she’s going is going to be interesting. Ms. Caplan talks about her experiences with the horror genre. She delves into how Annie is as a mother and that she has more depth than what we’ve already seen.

Elsie Fisher plays Joy Wilkes. The daughter to Annie. A young girl in a tense situation with a mother battling mental illness and a propencity toward violence is going to be fun to watch unravel. Ms. Fisher talks about Joy’s perspective on things as well as what scares her. She talks about the process of creating a new character and how it was to be on a show after her major break out role in Eighth Grade.

We’d like to thank Hulu for the opportunity to sit down with the stars of the series. We enjoyed the dive deeper into the incredible world they are expanding on exclusively on their network.


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