Moon Man: Kid Cudi’s New Comic Series Unveiled! First Issue Deep Dive

Dive into the cosmos with MOON MAN, the latest comic series brainchild of musician Kid Cudi and Eisner Nominated writer Kyle Higgins.

In this video, we’re exploring the premiere issue of MOON MAN, where we follow the journey of Ramon, a supposed space hero returning from a failed lunar mission, harboring secrets of what transpired during a mysterious seven-minute blackout in space.

Discover how this event transforms Ramon, introducing him to newfound abilities, setting the stage for a story that masterfully blends the grounded reality of personal struggle with the allure of the extraordinary.

With artwork by Marco Locati enhancing the narrative’s depth, join us as we dissect how “Moon Man” sets itself apart in the realm of indie comics.

Kid Cudi’s venture into the comic book world, alongside the esteemed Kyle Higgins, marks a promising new chapter for the artist and the genre. MOON MAN issue number one is available from Image Comics starting January 31st.

Don’t miss our breakdown of the story, the characters, and what makes this series a must-read for comic book enthusiasts and new readers alike.

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